3rd edition Acro Ninja Weekend with Francesca & Luigi

Event Details

Francesca and Luigi will return to develop new ninja skills such as Power – Fluidity – Control.

They will propose different games aimed to develop precision and agility, enhancing yourself in a fun way.


Saturday, 15 June:
– Dynamic entry
– Pops / Icarian games
– Fluid and elegant washing machines

Sunday, 16 June morning:
-Whips calibration whips washing machines
-Pops / Icarian machines

Sunday, 16 June afternoon:
-Whips – Whip-pop
-Fluid and elegant washing machines

You will be guided through the fundamental concepts, progressive movements, and active spotting to ensure safety.

DYNAMIC ENTRY: in this class, the keyword will be dynamism!! Amazing and interesting entries you can use in performance or just to have fun looking for new balances. In some cases, the dynamic entry will follow a short flow with different challenges

POP and ICARIAN GAMES: when you feel the adrenaline coming up over your hair when you realize that something fantastic has happened, that’s an icarian game. This technique resembles the pops (minor brothers of the icarian games) except that after the launch, there is no contact between the base and the flyer. They are usually spectacular to see too.
We will teach several pops and Icarians and also a washing machine that includes an icarian, a pop and a whip … the attention you may become addicted to it !!!

WHIPS are dynamic movements of advanced l-base practice! They are very beautiful to look at, stimulating to learn and exciting to perform! A whip is a very precise and fast rotary movement, but we will also teach you how to do it in a slow, fluid and safe way.
We assure you that when you are able to do it slowly without using your hands, you have the technique to enjoy the speed !! In order to master a whip, the partners have to create and exploit the momentum! A whip is a magical result of being highly synchronized!
In this workshop, we will provide you with different exercises and progressions to learn the specific base and flyer technique. Whips require advanced spotting skills, so learning how to be a Ninja spotter will be one of the points we will focus on in this class.

WASHING MACHINES: we will teach some very special washing machines that emphasize the fluidity and particular transitions. Attention! It will not lack precarious balances and rapid steps to make these hours exciting and tricky!

The Program could change according to the level of the participants and the energies of the group! This is just to be sure that this event will be as fun and balanced as possible.

These workshops are designed for 2 levels of practice:
Beginners level and Intermediate/advanced level.
To take part in the Intermediate group you need to have these
Side star -Ninja Star – Foot to Hand (even with a spotter)
For those who are advanced in their practice, it will be our pleasure to add pepper to make the practice enough exciting and challenging!
For those who do not yet have the pre-req but want to start experimenting with pops and whips, we will form a beginners group and give exercises calibrated for their level in order to make everyone’s participation fun and satisfying.
These workshops are not for who have never tried acro yoga.

Francesca & Luigi Bio:
Driven by their passion for practicing and sharing Francesca and Luigi are a couple of acrobatics and yoga instructors who come from the sunny Sicily, an island in the south part of Italy.

Luigi is also a Thai massage and Chinese massage (tuinà) therapist and taiji chuan teacher with more than 10 years experience.

Francesca comes from the dance world and she also is a psychologist who loves the special way people share, communicate and interact when they play acro yoga.

In their practice, they love to create fluid connections between positions and playing with funny and challenging tricks. At the same time, they focus their training and teaching on small details that make the practice easier and safe.

They often perform, teach regular open level and advanced classes in Sicily and teach during workshops, retreats and holidays all over Italy and in Europe. They are also the organizers of one of the biggest acro yoga and acrobatic event in Italy, the “Acrobatic Yoga Sicily Convention” that is held on the beach, in a beautiful nature reserve.

They love to travel and to discover different cultures creating friendships and communities where a beautiful laugh never fails.

*** SUPER EARLY BIRD until the 30th of April *** 95€ !!
** Early Bird throughout May ** 110€ !
* Full Weekend Regular from the 1st of June 125€ *

Part-time tickets will be available in June:
One Day pass: 65€
Half day workshop (Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon): 40€

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