Acro Camp – Sunny Summer in Briesen

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    June 14 - 16, 2019

This is the little sister event of the Sweet Summer Acro Camp 2019 (FULL). It will be as beautiful as the other one. Why an additional one? The capacities of the space are limited. Also I personally love to preserve the atmosphere which small groups create, which is why I prefer to propose a second weekend instead of overloading the original event.

Join us for a weekend (14.06.-16.06.2019) in the middle of the
woods in Germany. The site is just a 1 hour drive or train ride from Berlin and has direct view and access to the Spree river. The huge area allows us to train outdoor, camp, put up hammocs and make campfires at night – everything you need for a escape from the big city.


· 7 workshop rounds á 2 hours each
· Different levels mostly intermediate to advanced
· Delicious food (3 meals per day)
· Camping, swimming, kajak, SUP
· Lots of fun and relaxation

You can expect a great mix of daily handstand practice, fundamental training in l-basing and standing acrobatics (pitching, H2H variations, banquine, 3-high and co), acroyoga washing machines. Besides the acro training, there will be plenty of time for individual recreation like swimming, kayaking or strolling through the woods. There is a swing which you can use for dropping into the water and there will be hammocs and an aerial silk. The event starts on Friday at 3pm and ends Sunday 4pm.

In the registration you can let us know the top three things you would like to work on. Therefore, we’ll make the final workshop plan at the beginning of the event.

3-day and 2-day option

190€ | 160€ | Normal Price
160€ | 130€ | Early Bird (ends 15.05.)

Please use this registration form to sign up:

If you’re short on money but really really want to come, write me.
You want to give a workshop? Get in contact with us.

Uwe & Kerstin
more to be announced soon

Some more infos:

CAMPING: Please bring your own tents or if you want to come with a camper, there is limited space, so please let us know. There is also a possibility to rent tree tents from the location owners. If you’re interested, let me know. Dogs are allowed, but please make sure they don’t go off chasing animals in the woods (it’s an open ground with a natural reserve around us).

FOOD: We do have a wonderful cook who prepares delicious meals with loads of variety. If you have any allergies let us know!

The most comfortable way from Berlin is a combination between bike (for everyone who has one) and train to Berkenbrück. There is a wonderful cycle way through the woods with no car traffic directly to the location. Arrival via car is possible too, but there is not so much parking space, so please make car sharing pools (we’ll help to facilitate it). If you don’t come by bike, we’ll organise a pick up from the train station. We’ll ask you how you plan to get there a few days before the event.

This is an outdoor event. In case of rain there will be a plan B, but if not all training takes place outdoor, which means there is an area of puzzle mats outdoor, we’re moving with the sun/shadow and all the beautiful and not so beautiful sides of nature are part of this camp.

The event will rather be small and is family friendly. It’s possible to bring the whole family, but unless there are more than a certain amount of children there won’t be special child care or family acroyoga workshops. So please make sure you’re responsible for your own children, if you bring them. Unless we let you know that something has changed until the event.


More specific information on the place, teachers, and workshops will follow soon. Don’t hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.

This event is organized by Kerstin Oschabnig from Cameo Acrobatix