Acro Intensive with Jessalyn & Glen in Graz

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    May 24 - 26, 2019

Jessalyn and Glen are coming back May 24-26th! Same place, more awesome content just one year later. We’ll break down techniques you haven’t mastered yet and add new skills to your repertoire in these 5 workshops. Read about each one below:

Friday 18-20:30: Badass Flow
Saturday 10:00-12: Icarian
Saturday 15:00-17: Standing H2H Drills and Skills
Sunday 10:00-12: Standing Acro that looks FLY
Sunday 15:00-17: and Pitching to F2H

Full weekend: 150€
4 workshops: 130€
Per-workshop: 35€
Earlybird – 5 available: 125€ for all 5 workshops
Pairs are not required!!!
Reserve your spot(s) here:

Title: Badass Acro Flow
Description: We’ll teach a new L-base flow made especially for you! You’ll be upside down, twisting, and balancing in difficult positions in this unique flow class that has level appropriate variations from intermediate to insane. Skills will include options for hands-free transitions, Icarian pops, H2H, and more.
Prerequisites: free star, ninja star, F2H, pops from bird to throne and back.

Title: Icarian: Spinning, flipping, and floating!
Description: Get ready to flip and spin in this high-flying Icarian class. We’re adding new rotations and pivots in both the head-over-heels and twisting planes. We will provide accessible progressions and safe spotting techniques; however, you must have experience basing or flying Icarian skills to attend this class.
Prerequisites: Reverse star to throne (if you came to our workshop last year, you’re good). Comfort with straight legged throne pops. (ask us if this is confusing)

Title: Pitching to F2H
Description: Learn how to pitch to F2H and several creative dismounts from F2H. For those who are stable we will pitch to extension.
Prerequisite: 10 second stable standing F2H

Title: Standing H2H Drills and Skills
Description: Solidify your standing H2H practice through multiple drills.
Prerequisite: Standing H2H. Can be new, but not first time

Title: Standing Acrobatics that looks FLY
Description: In this class, we will explore creative entries and exits to new and familiar standing poses. We’ll focus on ones that look super impressive and difficult, but that are safe and accessible once you understand the technique.
Prerequisite: Be able to walk in two high. Standing bird.

Glen and Jessalyn enjoy delighting audiences and finding creative ways to drop jaws by performing and teaching partner acrobatics all around the world. They met in early 2016 at Pitch Catch Circus School and made it a mission to continue training together. They have since traveled internationally teaching, training, and performing from the U.S to Canada, Israel, Thailand, Japan, Europe, and many places in between. Glen and Jessalyn have a combined 16 years of acrobatics experience, and they specialize in the partner acrobatic disciplines of hand to hand, Icarian, and AcroYoga. They are currently based in Los Angeles.
FB: Fly Acrobatics, Glen Acro Saunders, & Jessalyn Leean Oxford
Instagram: @cirquefairy @glen.acro