Acro Nerds Training Level 1 Retreat in Tolna

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Event Details

Notice** Please be aware, it is a training, an event to up your:
– understanding of the acro system,
– control in movement,
– body awareness,
– funky transitions database, &
– creativity.

It is not an upmarket holiday for rest, leisure or partying, it is a lot of Acro! It will be fun, and it will be ACRO!

This event will also focus on hands free transitions. There are many advanced areas of acro, one that has been explored very little by the acro community is hands free. WHY? Because it is F**KING hard. Well it can be, but it can also be surprisingly easy and joyful given the right approach.

The Event/Retreat –

Spend 4 full days (5 nights) at the end of summer upping your acro skills in a residential retreat in Hungary. You will get food, a bed, a place to shower and most importantly a bundle of acro.
– exciting, new, funky transitions,
– in & outs,
– flips+,
– H2H for the non-gymnast,
– creative process,
– the ethos needed to master hands free moves and
– a whole load of new faces to play with.

Along with all of the Acro training we will also be exploring and improving our communication and awareness around consent, plenty of opportunities to learn something about yourself.

Sounds good so far? Here are the details:

6th – 11th of October

Early Bird – €595 (10 available)
Regular Bird – €700

Coming as an Acro couple?
Early Bird – €1090
Regular Bird – €1380

To secure your place, please send €150 deposit. Contact Joshua for banking details (we accept multiple currencies €, £, $, zł)

Refund Policy – 100% refund until 5 days prior to event start date.
If the event is cancelled due to COVID, full refund.

Address: Fácánkert, Fácánkertpuszta, 7136 Hungary.

The event is being held in a converted 19th century factory. It is a beautiful location surrounded by nature. Words don’t do it justice, so we will post some pictures on this event page.

SLEEPING – 4 beds (or fewer) to a room.

FOOD – 3 meals a day, vegan/vegetarian

The ability to base or fly: side stars, stars, butt balances.
The ability to go hands free in these poses is great, but NOT essential.
Being able to hold a 5 second handstand against a wall.

We understand that all bodies are different. If you feel that some of these prerequisites are not achievable, but still want to attend, contact us. We can have a chat and take a look at your acro practice as a whole.

As with basically all acro events nothing is mandatory, if you need to take a session or day off you can. The main focus is acro, but we encourage self care.

We are Natalia and Joshua aka the Acro Nerds.

People who:
– like to move,
– have a high acro drive,
– want to add bad-ass transitions to their repertoire,
– make their entire acro (and movement) practice more ergonomic and efficient while at the same time upping their skill set and understanding,
– value clear, direct communication,
– enjoy analysing, diagnosing and improving their skill sets.

Any questions, or if you want to book, contact Joshua Sleith or the Acro Nerds Facebook Page.