AcroYoga Advanced Workshop in Valencia

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An immersion is the best way to deepen your path as an AcroYogui. During a 4-day intensive format, you can increase the skills you have learned in classes, workshops, retreats, festivals or hangouts (Jams).
Join David Barreto, Laura Béltran and Elisa Campanelli to strengthen the fundamental bases of AcroYoga practice and take your training to the next level. We will explore new content, open space for creative and intuitive processes, dance, play, and work extensively on individual and couple fitness with Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, Handstands and Inversions.
This immersion is for you if you have experience in AcroYoga at basic and intermediate levels, so be prepared to challenge yourself and take any of your levels to the next stage.

Why do the Advanced Immersion?
This Advanced Immersion is focused on whether you are an AcroYoga practitioner and you want to work at a more advanced level, as if you are an AcroYoga teacher or you are training for it.
If you are an AcroYoga practitioner.
There comes a time in the practice of AcroYoga that we want to advance and it is difficult for several reasons; ignorance of proper practice and its progression, lack of technique in how to take care of advanced exercises, not having companions with the necessary level to practice and be cared for, etc.
In this Immersion we will teach you the technique of flying, base and spotter in advanced exercises, to achieve the objectives quickly and safely. You will also learn individual and couple physical conditioning exercises, focused on preparing for acrobatics and AcroYoga, with which you can improve your physical condition and your work on the handstand. You will be able to learn the necessary calibration techniques and build the advanced practice step by step.
Whether you have a training partner or not, this is a great opportunity to work with other AcroYogis at your level, improve your role as a point guard or flier, learn more about the role that you do not usually practice and learn the correct techniques of spotter.
Acquire the necessary knowledge to continue advancing and practice both in the course and in your subsequent training, we will work in community with other colleagues to learn together and improve safely.
If you are an AcroYoga Teacher or you want to train for it.
In addition to everything that we offer you as a practitioner, if you are an Acroyoga Teacher and / or have done the Multilevel Immersion at our school, or have completed training and / or immersions at another AcroYoga school, or meet the necessary requirements to do this immersion, this course is the next step to raise your level and gain access to Level 2 teacher training in the future.
*If you successfully complete the 30 hours of this Advanced Immersion, you will receive a registered certificate from AcroYoga Prem.
* If you have completed the AcroYoga Prem Level 1 Teacher Training and the AcroYoga Prem Multilevel Immersion (or equivalent) this certificate validates the prerequisites for an AcroYoga Prem Level 2 Teacher Training.

We assure you a lot of learning and fun!
We want to share with you our integral vision of AcroYoga, so we propose to practise together:
☆ Warm-up with Yoga for acrobatics
☆ AcroAsanas
☆ AcroDance
☆ Standing Acrobatics
☆ Acrobatics for Trio
☆ Pops
☆ Whips
☆ Icarians
☆ Whipops
☆ Icarians Games
☆ Washing machines
☆ Foot to Hand
☆ Hand to hand
☆ Healing flights
☆ AcroYogaDance Flows
☆Thai Massage
☆ Regenerative Flying
☆ Regenerative Yoga
Elisa, Laura and David, form a teaching team with many years of experience in yoga, arts and healing therapies, knowing the power of teaching from the heart to offer the student a unique and authentic learning and growth experience.
About David:
About Laura:
About Elisa:

Date: December 5-6-7-8

Place: Acrobatik Team S.L .
Carrer del Rei Jaume I, 21, bajo, 46135 Albalat dels Sorells, Valencia.

7.5 hours/day (total 30 hours)
9:00 – 10:00 Yoga
10:00 -10:30 Inversions
10:30 – 12:00 Dynamic AcroAsanas & AcroYoga
12:00 – 12:30 Rest and fruit
12:30 – 14:00 Trio Acrobatics & Standing Acrobatics.
14:00 – 16:00 Lunch, rest, making friends
16:00 -19:00 AcroDance, Acrotherapeutic and Therapeutic Regeneration.
✰✰ PRICE ✰✰
375€ per person
325€ Discount before the 9th of November ( or till filling 10 places )
* If you can only come on the weekend write to us.

Reserve your place in advance with 50% by completing the following form: HERE.
*Once the reservation is made the deposit is non-refundable, unless the event is canceled
* People who complete the 30 hours of the course will receive a certificate.
* This course validates part of the requirements in an AcroYoga training.

✰For more information and doubts✰
Laura +34 658 79 77 01
Elisa +34 676 20 63 06
David +34 678 25 45 65