AcroYoga Festival in Calgary

Event Details

3 days, 16 hours of acroyoga classes, a night of live entertainment, and jam time on Pegasus Gymnastics’ cushy sprung floors.

We’re deeply pleased with the success of the first festival in 2019, so we’re bringing a new line-up of teachers from across Canada who specialize in the acroyoga flavours of standing acrobatics, partner therapeutics, L-basing machines, and Icarian style popping.

The event is taking place at Pegasus Gymnastics, on soft, sprung floors, making this one of the safest acroyoga festivals.

Saturday Night Festivities

Last year’s jam-party was a great success, so we’re doing it again! We will partake in an evening of acro-jamming to a live band performing right inside the gym. The evening event will also include a variety of other entertainment.

Teacher Lineup

The fantastic folks sharing their acroyoga skills and practices at the Calgary Acroyoga Festival will be joining us from all over Canada. Teachers are To-Be-Announced.


Prices include Tax but not processing fees.
$185 First Ten Full Weekend Pass
$210 Early Bird Full Weekend Pass
$195 Early Bird Two Day Pass (Your choice of days)
$260 Full Weekend Pass
$215 Two Day Pass (Your choice of days)
$95 Friday Pass
$135 Saturday Pass
$120 Sunday Pass


Friday: Warm up and Jam beginning at 1PM, followed by a 2 hour class at 4PM, a dinner break, a second 2 hour class, and a short evening jam.

Saturday: Warm up begins at 9AM and classes begin at 10AM. The day includes 3 classes of 2 hours each, lunch and dinner breaks, and the evening event which begins at 8PM.

Sunday: Warm up begins at 9:30AM and classes begin at 11. The day includes 2 classes of 2 hours each, a lunch break, and jam time until 6:30PM.

Pre-Festival Event

A pre-festival acroyoga training event running from 9:30AM to 3:30PM on Friday, April 10th at Pegasus Gymnastics preceeds the festival. The prefest event is extra, and details will be released soon.

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