AcroYoga Kingdom Weekend Workshop in London

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Dipping our toes into the new normal, we are both excited and cautious to present our first event:

A̳c̳r̳o̳Y̳o̳g̳a̳ ̳K̳i̳n̳g̳d̳o̳m̳ ̳W̳e̳e̳k̳e̳n̳d̳

Each day will consist of three workshops as follows:

▪️ Saturday will be intermediate/advanced with the following prerequisites:
Star, Reverse Star, Side Star, Ninja Star, 10 second L-basing foot to hand, 2 High, 30 second handstand against the wall.

▪️ Sunday is open to beginners with no prerequisites.

More details for what will be in the workshops will follow in due course.


In order to provide a safe environment during this event, spaces will be limited, and you will need to sign up with a partner.

Partners will work together throughout the workshop and two partnerships may be bubbled together so that people can work with spotters. You will not be allowed to mix outside of your bubble within the workshop.

If you don’t have an acro partnership and are interested in the workshop, please use the thread of the workshop to find potential people to acro bubble with.

We highly recommend forming an acro relationship with one person or a small group of people using location as a strong precursor so that you can both take your acro further and work safely in the current climate.


Prices per acro duo for the day:

Early bird – £100 (until the 15th of September)
Lazy birds – £140 (from the 16th of September)

Tickets will be available starting Monday, 24th of August

In the eventually of the event being cancelled due to COVID-19, the participants will receive a full refund.



▪️ Angelo is the founder of AcroYoga Sanctuary, one of the fastest growing schools of AcroYoga in the World. He is known for creating beautiful, interesting and challenging AcroYoga flows and has been sharing this at his retreats, festivals, workshops and classes at home and abroad. He was on the Cover of OM Yoga Magazine in 2019, has a big social media following and one of his YouTube videos has nearly 2 million hits.

▪️ Jesse is one of the most experienced teachers in Europe. With 12 years of service as a founding member of the London AcroYoga community, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge as a teacher, performer and practitioner. He is a specialist in many areas of AcroYoga and his love of the practice cycles between dynamic power elements such as standing acrobatics and Icarian games, through to the softer listening elements of subtle balance as well as therapeutic work with clients.

▪️ Tudor is the founder of the “Training for Acro”, a programme designed for acrobats who are looking to get stronger, be more flexible, perform better and avoid injuries. In 2018, he became a World Champion coach with Team England Para Cheer in Orlando, Florida. Tudor is known for his standing acrobatics talent and also his strength, something that has been developing from his training method. In the last four years, he has been sharing his expertise with numerous AcroYoga communities and been teaching at the various Acro conventions and festivals worldwide.

They came together to create a comprehensive AcroYoga Teacher Training in the UK, bringing into one space, these individual and unique specialist skills. This teacher training program will support and refine, both your teaching and practice in l-basing washing machines and flows, standing acrobatics, Icarian games, functional conditioning, creativity and teaching.