Acroyoga & Movement Retreat in Reinighof

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In this retreat, we offer an exciting mixture between different movement skills, specially focusing on AcroYoga. We’ll be based in Reinighof, a magical eco-community in the Pfalz with its amazing nature. Everyday we’ll practice AcroYoga, Dance, Animal Movement, Breathwork and Thaimassage. We’ll explore the bonds between movement and communication, to look for new clues to communicate through body and words in a more truthful way. We’ll explore our limits. Be ready for a transformation in both body and the way you relate to others. We will also explore the nature around with small hikes.

*-*-*-*-* ACROYOGA *-*-*-*-*
We’ll dive into creative flows putting together smart progressions with precision, fluidity of movement and creativity in different SAME SIZE flows. Be prepared to play, explore, and work on your communication skills. We’ll use our several influences and inspirations from Montreal and International school, be ready to share with authenticity and joy!

We will be incorporate talking circle, empathic listening, blindfolded flows. You will be guided through the retreat to get in connection with your deep inner self, be ready for some possible big transformation !

*-*-*-*-* COMMUNITY *-*-*-*-*
We will nourish the sense of team, to learn how to rise each others up, through body and words. How to create a community that is deeply bond? How to be true to yourself and the team? Be ready to celebrate, share, include, support your friends in their own transformation!

°-°-°-° LEVEL °-°-°-°
Level of movement workshops (dance and acroyoga) will be open for advanced beginners and intermediates that want to work on setting a solid foundations and communication skills and teamwork. This shouldn’t be your first Acro experience – you should be comfortable with at least 4 Acro poses. If you are not there while reading this- you can get there. Check your local teachers and groups.

There will be time for free training and teachers are super skilled to give you cues to polish whatever you are working on. No need to come with a partner.

°-°-°-° ACCOMODATION, FOOD & RATES °-°-°-°
Accomodation will be at Reinighof, a eco-community in the beautiful Pfalz, south of Germany, close to Karlsruhe and in the mountains. You’ll have easy access to a swimming pont with fresh water from the spring, hiking, climbing and to the wonderful gardens.
We will sleep in tents and we will have amazing vegan food. For the price please register and we’ll send you all the Information. Your spot will be booked after finalizing the payment.

We want everything to go on winning, so the more students there are, the cheaper it will be for everyone. The price includes course, campground, meals:
· 420€ | 10 students
· 380€ | Between 10 and 15 students
* There will also be an donate option where you can donate to support someone that could otherwise not afford.

°-°-°-° WHAT’S INCLUDED °-°-°-°
The classes, tentspace and food. There is the options to rent 1 woodentrailor and there is space for caravans 😉 And one indoor Yogashala.