AcroYoga Retreat in Rovinj 2020

Event Details

After a wonderful experience at acro yoga retreat in Rovinj (Istria) previous years, here we are again! Again we chose the MARE Centre in Rovinj at Easter and it’s perfect for our needs because it has a yoga shala, AND it’s on the waterfront!

Check out the MARE Centre:
If you still haven’t tried acro yoga, this is a perfect opportunity to take a dare and try it. It is not necessary to come with a partner, or any yoga or acro yoga foreknowledge. Also, if you want intensive acro yoga classes, and level up, join us – the retreat is open to ALL skill levels!!!
Breakfast and lunch are included in the price (vegetarian).
After lunch you can organise your time any way you like; it’s possible to jam in the shala or by the sea, chill, or take a walk in the city and have a coffee.
It’s also possible that you take your family or a friend with you, to enjoy the sun and the sea,and not the program, for only accomodation& food price.
We’re offering and sharing with you the following skills: yoga (vinyasa, hatha and partner), acro yoga (therapeutic and acrobatic), and thai massage. It is also possible to organize other activities as we agree together, as well as half-day excursion. If you are coming by car and want to share the cost, contact us! Also, after the resistration, we are going to add you to a FB group for easier coordination and organization.
We start on Saturday, 11th of April, and we wrap things up with lunch on Wednesday, 15th of April, which means that people who work have to take only two days off!
Donation (for all 5 days of the retreat, including accommodation, 2 vegetarian meals per day, and workshops): 360€
(only for non-Croatian participants)
**it’s also possible to come a day earlier or extend your stay with an additional fee for the accommodation.
For further info please contact: [email protected]
Check the following link about organisers/teachers Acrofunkers: