AcroYoga Tools For Movement With Martin Fiasche

Event Details

March 28th and 29th: From 1pm to 4pm each day.

An organized system to give each student tools to move on the floor, integrating acrobatic knowledge.

Will provide step by step methodologies to understand complex elements.

But also looking at the big picture of movement. We’ll analyze movements and will work to integrate them into a system that allows us to work with the material in open and fluid situations.

* Acrobatic library of handstand, cartwheels, rolling & jumping patterns.
* Locomotion Patterns; the missing link.
* Support and push in and off-axis.
* Invisible tools to upgrade the quality of the flow.
* Strengthen the body in specific postures & position for acrobatic work.
* Mobilize angles to create more space between body parts.