AcroYoga TT intensive program 2020

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Bryce Hodgkinson, Elliot Fudge, Hayley Silberg, and Miles Kroeker all discovered Acroyoga through different movement modalities and bring complementary perspectives on how to develop confident and capable Acro teachers. We want to empower people to grow safe, creative, inclusive acroyoga communities. We have crafted an 11 day intensive program which offers students biomechanical tools and practical facilitation skills to share Acro with the world.

Each module covers close to 2 full days (9 am to 5:30/6:30 pm), and includes skill fundamentals, teaching practice, and theory discussions. This teacher training will culminate in a practical and written assessment, and ultimately, instill in each participant the efficacy to share Acro in their own safe, unique and vibrant style. Unless your natural style isn’t vibrant.

Pegasus Gymnastics, 11166 42 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 0J9

1) May 15/16: Foundational Refinement (Assessment & Anatomy)
2) May 17/18: Transitions/Calibrations & Therapeutics (Leadership)
3) May 19/20: Washing Machines (Communication & Consent)
4) May 21/22: Standing Acrobatics (Safety & Fear)
5) May 23/24: Whips & Pops (Biomechanics)
6) May 24/25: Creativity/Performance (Business Skills)

The modules run everyday from May 15th – May 25th, 9 am to 5:30 pm, some days until 6:30PM

There are several pre-requisites. Please compile the following skills into one video and upload it to YouTube or share on Google Drive to [email protected] for viewing by the teachers.

Individual Components:
30s handstand against wall
1 minute plank
Press to headstand
Full bridge/wheel
Standing forward fold
Seated straddle stretch/pancake
Downward dog
Forward roll
Handstand kick ups (free standing)

Partner Components, base or fly, though we recommend you be capable of both to get the most out of the training:
Reverse star
Ninja star
L-sit on hands (5s)
Pop bird to throne and return
1 min partner acro routine

*If you are unable to complete any of these pre-reqs, please contact us and we may allow modifications as required.*

Early-bird = $1500
Regular Price = $1800

Payment can be done by e-transfer or Paypal to [email protected]

*Paypal involves additional 2.9% processing fee.*

Payment may be done in installments for an additional $50 fee. Please inquire for more details.