AcroYoga Weekend with Acro James in Badung, Bali

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Are you ready to take your Acro practice to the next level?! Nirvana Strength, AcroJames and FearlessFlier are extremely excited to announce a full weekend of Standing Acro Workshops covering everything from dance lifts, counterbalance flows, trio swings and hand to hand. Suitable for beginners to the seasoned practitioner, there is a class for everyone!

Want a fun example of the type of acro being taught this weekend? Click the link below! πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Day 1 covers an all-level fundamental approach to their practice where as Day 2 gears up seasoned practitioners to learn and hone higher level skills. All-round a weekend solely designed to break away from the basics, focusing on creative flows, skill development and effective communication.

Instructor Bios:

James Heugh is a Los Angeles based Acro teacher and performer. Originally from Canada, James has recently finished a full time contract with Cirque Du Soleil, performing on the ice show Crystal as a hand to hand porter. With in 3 years of living in Los Angeles James has performed on other shows such as Americas Got Talent, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde and Circus Couture with Acro Army, also landing performance opportunities in Hollywood doing Acro in national television commercials.

Fresh off his Cirque Du Soleil contract, James is now on another world Acro teaching tour aiming to teach on every continent on earth! ames’ classes are high energy, fun and offer a new perspective on Standing Acro. With hundreds of workshops completed in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and more you will love what these classes have to offer

Mish Virata is a partner acrobatics coach that helps adults connect through play. She believes tapping into your inner child leads to freedom of self-expression, and by exploring authentic movements with a partner, individuals develop courage while building trust.

Her empowering workshops are designed to be playful and fun. With a technique-focused teaching style, she builds upon each practitioner’s strengths, making partner work seemingly effortless.



****DAY 1- ALL LEVELS (25 maximum pax)****

All Levels Acro Dance Lifts- 1.5 hours

This All Levels Standing Acro class combines dynamic movement and flowing dance lifts into one class that will give you ultimate bragging rights on the dance floor! Seamlessly bridging together creative acro moves whilst learning proper basing, flying and spotting technique. A splendid refresher for seasoned practitioners as well to hone that acro hands in check.
Beginners are absolutely welcome! You do NOT need a partner to attend this empowering class!

All Levels Acro Counterbalance 1.5 hours

Lean back! Lean waaaaaay back! Create incredible shapes and gravity defying poses with your partner by creating a strong counterbalance. We explore flyers, base and spotters in their parts to allow the movement to stay safe and become successful! Bridge these moves together in smooth fashion through dynamic transition to create one long, creative flow!
NO Pre-requisites or partner needed to attend this class!

Trio Swing – 1.5 hours

Team work makes the dream work! This class will involve three people per move, two bases and one flyer! Learn unique and accessible skills that make your swing practice more dynamic and create opportunities to break away from the basics. Brand new entrances, transitions and exits will be addressed so you can develop and add new sequences to your skill set! The Trio Acro Swing requires a few months of consistent acro practice, so that you may benefit fully from this class.
Pre-requisite : a consistent Acro practice

Foundational Strength for Hand to Hand 3 hours

It is highly recommended that you take this class if you plan to register for the other hand to hand classes. It will dramatically increase your success with all of the other movements. Are you ready to develop the essential foundation to increase your skill set for disciplines like standing hand to hand and foot to hand? This class focuses on creating connection between partners for these skills to become successful. We cover a Sports Acro Two High, floating entrances to foot to hand, and strength exercises to build proper connection, stack, and grip. This leads up to the main focus of the class on how to properly execute a jump from shoulders to hand to hand. Learn habits that pros have developed to make their effortless practice accessible and efficient.
-A confident L-Basing foot to hand for 10+ seconds
-Two High experience will allow you to excel in this class.
-L-Basing Hand to Hand experience will allow you to excel in this class but it is not needed
-flyers must be able to jump into a handstand on the floor and hold it for 20 seconds a light spot may be used during this to help with balance

****DAY 2 – ACRO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED (20 person max)****

Advanced Dance Lifts -2 hours

This class will focus on the higher skill level dance lifts that require a large amount of experience to accomplish successfully. Many of these moves will rely on a very strong connection between the base and flyer as we flip, toss, and drop through visually impressive lifts and sequences.
-A confident high bird
-A confident side star

Jumping to Extension and Inlocates -2 hours

Let’s take these fundamental skills and make them perfect! Learning to jump from shoulders straight into extension will be the most efficient way for both flyer and base to learn extended hand to hand. Gain the experience necessary to reveal just how effortless this entrance can be. Inlocates will also be covered in this class, in addition to identifying the small details that make this entrance float to handstand. If you aspire to have this skill or already have it and want to learn it straight to extension this class will have a ton of valuable content for you.
– a confident two high
-an effortless jump into to standing hand to hand
a 15 second calm standing hand to hand hold

Advance Hand to Hand Entrances and Exits 2 hours

Bring your hand to hand skill set to the next level, while we learn dynamic entrances and exits that express just how creative this discipline can be. This workshop calls for serious practitioners, which will require you having a stable standing hand to hand with little to no spot.
-a confident two high
-an effortless jump into to standing hand to hand
-a 15 second calm standing hand to hand hold


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