Elevated AcroYoga with Scott Cooper

Event Details

Hey there New Orleans!
I am super excited to bring a weekend full of acro to everyone there. This series of 4 workshops will advance your technical knowledge and each section will present a new building block that can be incorporated into your current practice. Thanks to Lauren Arrigo & Bryson Lloyd for helping us to set up this weekend and setting up our venue Fly Circus Space

Friday Evening – Jam 6-9 PM
This is a chance for the community to get together, have fun and start warming up for the weekend! It also gives me a chance to meet and connect with everyone.

Saturday Session 1: Noon-2:30PM (2.5 Hours)
Standing Acro Calibrations
For many individuals, the jump in elevation between L-Basing and Standing Acrobatics can be daunting. Our focus is bridging the gap between these 2 practices. Emphasis will be on elevated F2H & H2H postures in a manner that maintains a safe environment for flyers while significantly challenging our bases. Intelligent spotting is paramount to a successful standing practice and will be an integral part of this content.

—-BREAK 2:30-4PM

Saturday Session 2: 4-6:30PM (2.5 Hours)
Dance Lifts
We will be exploring rotational dance lifts that take flyers through inversions (and back). Focus will be on shape and control as we gradually take things higher and higher.


Sunday Session 1: Noon-2:30PM(2.5 Hours)
Get Up, Get Up … to Get Down
Transitioning between L-Basing and Standing Acrobatics is essential for sequences that move between those two worlds. Come explore different methods of shifting seamlessly between these two practices.

—-BREAK 2:30-4PM

Sunday Session 2: 4-6:30PM (2.5 Hours)
Standing Acro Transitions
The incorporation of elegance is essential to our standing practice. Our priority will be adding movement to static poses and mobility between multiple standing postures. Instruction of these transitions will highlight the benefits of structure over strength. Learning techniques to build standing flows will provide us with ease and comfort at new heights.


Scott Cooper is an acrobat who has been practicing and teaching since 2011. He has studied Acroyoga, Dutch style acrobatics, circus performance, sports-acrobatics, dance lifts, cheer-leading, etc.. Scott blends principles from all of these styles in order to create maximum versatility in partner movement. For 2 years, he trained and performed with AcroSanct under the tutelage of Master Chinese Acrobat Lu-Yi. He was a performer on the 2017 tour of the Broadway musical, Pippin – facilitated by Seven Fingers. He now trains under Sports Acro world champion Arthur Davis with Acro Army and travels all over the world to teach and perform.

IG: @acrospherics
FB: fb.com/scott.j.cooper & fb.com/scottcooperacro

$45 for one class
$150 for the weekend

At the door:
$50 for one class
$180 for both classes