From Wild Power to High-vibrational Sexuality in Cieszków

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5-12 October 2020, Poland near Wroclaw
Facilitation: Dechen Dorje & Team

The workshop was carefully planned to offer every person safe journey from the awakening of wild, primal power to the experience of multiorgasmic love in the safe space of presence and awareness. Claiming your own power is the courage of discovering who we are, and what is our truth. What is our nature, beyond concepts, conditioning and beliefs.
People who have free access to their sexual energy live a juicy, passionate life. They are free, autonomous in their decisions. They can track down their real desires and needs and manifest them in daily life. The workshop offers an opportunity to reactivate our intimate life and much more. By reaching deeper into the potential of sexual energy we can fuel life with greater abundance and satisfaction both in relations and in professional career.

Awakening of our primal wilderness
Being born into the world we literally descend into our bodies. And it is just beginning of the long process of descending. However typically this process of descension into body is never completed. Because on the start, through coming into this density, we entirely forget who we really are. We loose contact with luminous consciousness, the part of us, which stayed above, and we forget how powerful and multidimensional beings we really are. Forget that we can create life, we truly desire.
We get stuck somewhere between body and spirit and live just partially in the body, not experiencing deeper core of physical potential. Usually stuck in the mind, recreating old memories stored in subconscious level.
And since we are separated from our spirit, we do not have enough courage to connect deeper to primal, animalistic power of our bodies. Sinking deeper to our bodies feels scary, because during that, we do not know what is going on, we just loosing control. And yet we have been born in human body to immerse into it completely. Get down to the root, free the huge power dormant inside our animal, instinctive structures. Our body is treasure which contains all experience of the past. In fact, human body is living library. It contains formula which is a key to all creation. Through this body individual consciousness can be awaken. If we can really descent to our body, we can wake up from mental matrix. And be fully alive, experiencing totality of existence. Our journey is about gradual letting go of control and gaining trust. To bring the light down to the bottom. To fully embody the spirit.

Shadow work
We are existing in kind of hypnotic state of unintentional reproduction of previous experiences, recorded on the interface of the body. Functioning of our body and brain consists essentially of automatic, complex processes, not controled by will. Similarly, also the processes of replaying the memory of previous experiences take place to a large extent automatically.
In fact we can consciously create our life just on the surface.
Gathered layers of memories, past experiences stored in the body are mostly responsible for shaping our reality.
In a time memories of traumatic experiences created unconscious structures inside us.
Structures which have hidden separate existence, often connected to blame, victimhood and suppressed anger.
These suffering, rejected and suppressed parts of us, are playing major role in sabotaging our lifes.
And until we liberate and transform these shadow parts of ourselves, they will automatically recreate their scenarios hidden in the body.
During workshop process we will bring the light of awareness especially to these unconscious parts that are cause of suffering. We will create space for transformation and healing.

Sexual healing and releasing negative experiences from the body
In longtime relationships both men and women frequently withdraw their sexual energy or redirect it to sports or professional career. Relationships where fire is extinguished fall apart or continue accumulating suffering.
Why is this happening?
The intelligent life force in human bodies is activated by union of feminine and masculine essences.
Thanks to this, we as human beings can develop on a personal and spiritual level. However, thousands of years of cultural and religious conditioning deeply suppressed this force.
Since all our life experiences are passed down in DNA, next generations inherit them from their ancestors. This memory placed in the layers of our bodies is gradually activated when we grow up. Accumulated trauma and memory of abuse are the main cause why women withdraw their sexual energy, usually after getting married and giving birth to a child. As a result men also withdraw their sexuality in order not to break up the relationship looking for fulfillment outside the relationship. Still frustration and aggression grows in men, they feel they are loosing their masculinity.
There is a chance for our sexual power to burgeon in new, full abundance. During the workshop we will have opportunity of suitable bodywork, releasing old traumas and experiences stored inside of us, unblocking deep resources of life force.

High vibrational sexuality
In tantric teachings sexual energy is sacred energy of the universe, the beginning of all phenomena and forms. Understood as universal life force, becomes necessary not only to create new life but also to sustain it. It is necessary for personal development and active creation of our life. It is a requirement for personal power, high self-esteem, abundance and feeling grounded in everyday life. The objective of the workshop journey starting with releasing blockages and awakening power is raising life energy to our hearts and spreading in the body. As a result we can experience multiorgasm of the whole body. When we raise power to higher energy centres, physical body is loosing his density, we start to function on higher vibrations. Our bodies become hotter, more flexible and luminous. In vibrationally higher frequencies there are other laws of physics. Rooted in the body but at the same time functioning on high vibrations, we create reality where our objectives are realised without obstacles and our dreams are manifested in present time. It is an invitation to live in joy and ease, surfing the waves of life in joyful harmony with surrounding reality. During the workshop we will experience ecstasy and bliss by combining bodywork, voice, breath and movement. We will receive tools necessary to explore and keep highly vibrational sexuality in daily life.

In this workshop we will experience
• Learning and practising conscious communication will help create safe space necessary for work with sexual energy.
• Awakening primal power and activating fiery life energy. The energy that fuels further transformation.
• Releasing blockages in the body allowing free flow of energy.
• Liberating sexuality from old programs of shame, belittling, lack of acceptance and rejection.
• Healing old resentment and trauma accumulated in physical and energetic body.
• Unblocking the flow between sexual and heart polarities.
• Temple ritual of yoni and anus healing.
• Waves of Bliss – multiorgasm training for men (ejaculation control) and multiorgasm for women
• High vibrational sexual energy connected with whole body energetic orgasm.