Handstand & Training Camp In Badung

Event Details

For the first time, Yuval will be in Bali as a part of the Nirvana Strength Camp !

The most complete Training Camp experience in Bali organised by Nirvana Strength Training.

We invite you to be challenged, mentally and physically.

In one of the most complete calisthenics based facilities in the world, Nirvana Strength welcomes four of the best coaches in the industry to take you through a total of 12 – three hour training sessions to not only educate you on what it takes to train at the next level, but also to do it in a smart and effective way that provides maximal benefits. Nirvana Strength, has incorporated in addition to the training, an array of recovery protocols (Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Sensory Deprivation tanks, Vitamin/mineral IV dosing, Massage, Cold/Hot baths, Dry Sauna) that will help optimise and maximise your Training Camp experience.

For 9 days and 8 nights, surrounded by highly motivated individuals under the Bali sun, the training camp will bring you a refreshed take on your fitness and wellbeing, with Simon Ata, Devin Kelley, Yuval Ayalon and Daniel Vadnal at the coaching helm. Accommodation, transport, meals and a welcome goodie bag included to cover your day to day needs, this is an experience you will not forget.

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