Icarian & Flow Workshop Special with Mimi & Gape in Bologna

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18-19 APRIL 2020
☆ Icarian & Flow Workshop Special with Mimi & Gape in Bologna ☆

In this weekend workshop Gape & Mimi are offering you a wide range of tools to incorporate Acrobatics into your daily life as a sustainable and nourishing movement practice. They are coming with a 2-day bundle dedicated to all the intermediate practitioners from Italy and more. They will focus on the art Icarian Games (foot juggling) & incooperating L-basing Flows into elements like whips, pops and H2H!

If this sounds like fun, take a closer look on the workshop description and pre-requisites.

☆ Icarian Games ☆
Date: Saturday APR 18th 2020
Time: 10am-1pm & 3-6pm
Level: Intermediate

Icarian Games, also known as foot juggling, is becoming more and more popular amongst AcroYogis, taking over from Acrobatics in the scene. In this workshop we will be offering you a step by step program where you will learn how to merge technique, rhythm & body language into one fluid progression. Bases will learn how to make their pops bigger using less effort. Flyers will learn how to ride their partners momentum and find grace in subtle positioning of their bodies in air and while landing.

Date: Sunday APR 19th 2020
Sunday 10am-1pm & 3-6pm
Level: Intermediate

Join us for a full day of creative flowing fun! Our L- base flows will include funky entries, whips, pops and hand to hand. Flows will be multi leveled to help practitioners be challenged at their level. Experience with foot to hand and inversions are required

Both workshops are designed to help you understand exactly what your body is capable of. The focus will be on creating a sustainable, fun & empowering practice, moving together as a group of dedicated Acrobats.

Please ensure you are capable of either basing or flying following tricks:
– free shoulder stand on feet aka star
– 30 seconds handstand against the wall
– 30 seconds low foot to hand
– basic acroyoga pops (throne to bird / hfw to chair)

English (if necessary some fun translations from Irene)

Ishine Gape (founder of barefootyoga.me & ishinephotography.me) is an Acrobatics & Yoga instructor, as well Massage Therapist. Originally from Austria, Gape loves to spend his time traveling, eating yummy food and dedicating himself to photography. He is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching, incorporating a holistic movement style and finding balance between being a dedicated clown and professional acrobat. Find out more about gape here: http://barefootyoga.me/interview-with-ishine-gape/

2011, Millette Nunez was working as a Spanish teacher by day and as a yoga and Zumba® instructor by night. During this time, she was introduced to Acro and her life and body were turned upside down. While she was always passionate about teaching, she realized that her real inspiration came from learning and teaching movement. A year later, she quit her job as a school teacher to travel and share Acro with the world. Currently, Mimi is serving as part of the teacher training team at Partner-Acrobatics and spends her time teaching workshops and classes at studios and festivals worldwide. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mimiacro/

Record – Cusb Sala Tatami
Via del Pilastro, 8
40127 Bologna

Saturday 10am -1pm / 3pm-6pm
Sunday 10am -1pm / 3pm-6pm

EARLY BIRD (till 16th march)
2 days workshop (12 hours training) 120€ membership card 2019/2020 not included (15€ extra)
1 day 70€ (membership card 2019/2020 not included)

LATE BIRD (after 16th march)
2 days workshop (12 hours training)
145€ membership card 2019/2020 not included
1 day 82,50€ (membership card 2019/2020 not included)


We provide a -10% discount on the regular price for groups from 5+ people that sign up&pay together!!

Number of participants is limited…so don’t be late!!

Workshop is not residential and meals are not included.

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+39 320/0868758