Icarian Games Intensive Workshop with Aaron Lind

Event Details

$160 First 10 tickets early bird tier
$200 after first 10 tickets
Spaces are limited to 30 students

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Friday: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-1pm & 3pm-6pm

Please message Aaron with any questions about the event!


Aaron is coming to Boston March 6-8 for a weekend of Icarian Games, tempo skills, group passing skills, foot juggling, and a selection of dynamic standing lifts peppered in for variety!

Aaron has been a committed teacher for over 12 years, teaching internationally to bring his love of partner acro, training techniques, and thoughtful approach to embodying challenging skills to the acro community.

This event is designed to be an intermediate/advanced event and there will be multiple levels of skill to ensure that there will be appropriate content for everyone that would like to learn about and train Icarian Games and lifts. Hand spotting belts and landing mats will be available for those ready to attempt higher level skills.

Those who have significant experience will spend the weekend training more challenging single skills (spinning tempos, castaway tempos in a variety of sets, Varial flip, and full saltos) as well as combining skills into tempo sequences. If you have experience, the weekend is going to be a ton of fun training up a variety of “sets” that will challenge your coordination and endurance.

If you are newer to dynamic L-Basing, you will be provided content that will build your foundation of skill and endurance with single throws, help you identify which techniques work the best for you and your partners, and drill material that will pave the way for bigger throws, more rotation, and tempo sequences.