Intensive pops/whips weekend with Luigi & Francesca in Oxford

Event Details

The Oxfordshire AcroYoga Society is delightful to welcome the teachers Luigi & Francesca that will bring some warm Sicilian to Oxford! Luigi & Francesca are well-known for their elegant fluid flow and the art of whips & pops and for organizing the amazing Sicily Acro Convention!

Luigi & Francesca will fly into Oxford after an intense European Acro Tour that will touch Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and northern Italy, for more information have a look at the poster below!

The workshop will be hosted at Wadham College, one of the most ancient and prestigious colleges of the University of Oxford, located in Oxford city centre.

The Intensive Acro Weekend will consist of 12h workshop + 2 hour surprise theme Acro Jam + Bar Night on Saturday. Stay tuned for discovery the mysterious theme of the Acro Jam and Party night!

Known for their fluidity and elegant and dynamic style, they love to conduct fun workshops while giving meticulous and precious details to progress quickly and safely.

POPS: when you feel the adrenaline coming up over your hair, when you realize that something fantastic has happened, that’s a pop! Pops are small (or big) jumps created by the dynamic force of the base and flyer action that will bring the flyer to jump in the air keeping a physical contact with the base. They are extremely fun! … attention you may become addicted to it !!!

WHIPS are dynamic, elegant and harmonic movements of advanced L-base practice! They are very beautiful to look at, stimulating to learn and exciting to perform! A whip is a very precise and fast rotary movement, but we will also teach you how to do it in a slow, fluid and safe way. We assure you that when you are able to do it slowly without using your hands, you have the technique to enjoy the speed !! In order to master a whip the partners have to create and exploit the momentum! A whip is the magical result of being highly synchronized! In this workshop we will provide you with different exercises and progressions to learn the specific base and flyer technique. Whips require advanced spotting skills, so learning how to be a Ninja spotter will be one of the points we will focus on in this class.

DYNAMIC ENTRY: in this class the key word will be dynamism!! Amazing and interesting entry you can use in performance or just to have fun looking for new balances. In some cases the dynamic entry will follow a short flow with different challenges

WASHING MACHINES: we will teach some very special washing machines that emphasize the fluidity and particular transitions. It will include 2 bases flows, pops and whips. Attention! It will not lack precarious balances and rapid steps to make these hours exciting and tricky! We will teach several washing machine that includes an pops and whips … attention the combination of whips and pops is even more addictive!!

In order to use advanced Acro Techniques and work safely, it is important to have a certain degree of experience and confidence in Acro. So it is required to master:

– Side Star (L-Base)
– Shoulder Stand (L-Base)

It is recommended to have some experience with pops and reverse star in order to reach the more challenging versions of the tricks.

The material offered during the workshop will be adapted to the needs, level of the participants to make your experience stimulating and enriching. Contact us if you have any questions about pre-requisites, level and content of the workshop.

WHEN: 7-8th December

Moser Theatre, Wadham College,
Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3PN, UK

Saturday: 10 am- 1 pm, 2 pm- 5 pm (6h) + 2 h JAM + BAR NIGHT!!
Sunday: 10 am- 1 pm, 2 pm- 5 pm (6 h)


-weekend 2 days (14h) 75£/ person

EARLY BIRD – till the 15th November
-weekend 2 days (14h) 95£/ person

NORMAL PRICE- from the 15 November
-weekend 2 days (14h) 115£/ person
-1 day (6h + jam + bar night): 65£ / person

Spots are limited in order to guarantee enough space and attention for everyone. Preference will be given to those who book for the whole weekend.

Coffee and snacks will be provided

Showers, changing rooms and kitchen facilities available

Wadham College is located in Oxford city centre, at 8 minutes walking distance from Oxford central bus station (Gloucester Green bus station) and 15 minutes from the Oxford Railway Station. Parking facilities are not available in the College, but it is possible to park for free in the proximity of University Park, just 10 minutes walking from the College (for information about free parking spaces in town have a look at, alternatively it is possible to use the Park & Ride facilities located in the proximity of the city centre at about 20 minutes by bus. In-house bike storage is available in the College.

Coffee, fruit and snacks will be provided during the workshop, but please be aware that lunch and dinner are not included in the booking fees. Kitchen facilities and a eating place is available in the college, so please feel free to bring food and snacks for eating together during lunch break. In alternative, various quick food and supermarket are available at just a few minutes walking from the location.

Being a tourist and University city various accommodation option are available in Oxford town centre (Airbnb, hostels, hotels), nevertheless, if you wish to be hosted from members of the Oxfordshire Acro Yoga crew please contact us ASAP.


Driven by their passion for practicing and sharing, Francesca and Luigi are Acro and love Partners from Sicily, an island in the south part of Italy. They met 8 years ago and fell in love also thanks to acro-yoga. They are well-known for the elegance and fluidity of their acro flows and for organizing the amazing Acro Yoga Sicily Convention.

LUIGI is a Thai and Chinese massage (Tuinà) therapist and thanks to his passion for ancient arts he also became a Taiji Chuan teacher with more than 10 years’ experience and a Meditation teacher.

FRANCESCA is a dancer and psychologist. Francesca combines her dancing and psychology experience in combining the elegance of the classic dance movement in exploring the multiple ways of communicate emotions through the Acro Yoga flows.

In their practice, Luigi & Francesca love to create fluid and elegant flows but also enjoy the energy of speed and tempo through whips, whip-pops and Icarian games. They focus their training and teaching on small details and love to break down complicated moves with ease creating progressions to make sure success even more complex tricks. They believe that practicing Acro Yoga is a lucky opportunity to grow as human beings, to best express everyone potential and to contribute creating a community of people focused on sharing, supporting and enjoying life.
Luigi & Francesca teach with irony and joy to remind that smiling is the spice of life. They often perform, teach regular classes and organize workshops and retreats all over the world. They love to travel and to discover different cultures creating friendships and communities where a beautiful laugh never fails.

Luigi & Francesca are part of the project “Acro Fusion Teacher Training”, an intensive Acro Yoga teacher training. But they are definitely most well-knows for organizing one of the coolest and hottest European Acro Yoga Conventions: the “Sicily Acro Convention”!