Intermediate-Advanced AcroYoga Intensive In Santa Monica

Event Details

Introducing the 3 day Intermediate / Advanced standing acro intensive, that will take place April 3rd, 4th, 5th in Santa Monica. You must sign up with a partner for this intensive and have the required pre requisites to participate, if you are having an issue finding a partner or have questions about if you meet the requirements for the class I would really like for you to message me directly so we can figure something out. This intensive will only be available to 8 pairs, space will sell fast so make sure to take advantage of the Super Early Bird Special.

Day 1 – Friday 5:00-7:00pm
Friday April 3rd Advanced Dance Lifts

This class will focus on the higher skill level dance lifts that require a large amount of experience to accomplish successfully. Many of these moves will rely on a very strong connection between the base and flyer as we flip, toss, and drop through visually impressive lifts and sequences.
Class Run Time: 2 hours

Day 2 – Saturday 12:30-2:30pm
Saturday April 4th Reverse Hand to Hand Entrances and Exits

This style has a vast variety of ways in and out of hand to hand that tend to be overlooked. Reverse hand to hand can be very accessible for both bases and flyers as it allows bases to move past some mobility restrictions, while taking a large amount of stress off the flyers wrists. While some moves may be challenging in this class, there will be variations and content for everyone.
Class Run Time: 2 hours

Day 3 – Sunday 12:30-2:30pm
Sunday April 5th Connecting Dance Lifts with Hand to Hand

Time to blend our skills together to make visually impressive sequences that go past stand alone skills. Connect dance lifts and hand to hand together to create beautiful combinations that are sure to impress. These sequences will be challenging, so that attention to detail will be important.
Class Run Time: 2 hours

Pre Requisties:
a confident standing high bird
a confident standing side star
a confident two high
flyers must be able to hold a handstand for 30 seconds, a spotter can be used to assist balance
A jump into standing hand to hand
Experience with reverse hand to hand
Experience with rock n roll to arm to arm is recommended but required

To Register Send Payment:
Venmo: Acrojames
Paypal: [email protected]

Super Early Bird: $100
(special ends March 12th)
Early Bird: $120
(Early Bird ends March March 27th)
Regular Price: $140

Instructor Bio:
James is a Los Angeles based Acro teacher and performer. Originally from Canada, James has recently finished a full time contract with Cirque Du Soleil, performing on the ice show Crystal as a hand to hand porter. With in 3 years of living in Los Angeles James has performed on other shows such as Americas Got Talent, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde and Circus Couture with Acro Army, also landing performance opportunities in Hollywood doing Acro in national television commercials.
Fresh off his Cirque Du Soleil contract, James is now on another world Acro teaching tour aiming to teach on every continent on earth! James’ classes are high energy, fun and offer a new perspective on Standing Acro. With hundreds of workshops completed in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and more you will love what these classes have to offer