Introduction to Tantra Massage in Thailand

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This course leads to creating trust, love and experience in yourself and in a present or future relationship as well
This course is created to help you go deep into your inner ecstasy, bliss and healing.
We offer our course for couples as well as singles who are willing to work together with another partner. Our course is especially great for couples, as couples always work together in our retreat to improve and strengthen their relationship. Most important is the connection and to bring you and your partner into the state of energetic merging. If you are able to achieve that, everything will flow!
It is our priority to respect the boundaries of the individual participants. In every exercise, we encourage you to perceive your limits and to articulate and express them clearly, as this can be a very healing experience. If you are fully aware of your limits, you can also make progress outside your comfort zone. We welcome every willingness and openness to take the step into the unknown.
Deep healing may appear. Healing of your past, your presence, your future, healing of your body, your heart and your spirit, healing of your femininity and masculinity and healing of many other aspects of your life.
Deep sexual pleasure may occur too. In Tantra, we welcome sexual energy. Yes, we transform it into sacred and creative power, by keeping it in, instead of releasing and losing it. We bring that energy, called ecstasy, into the higher levels of our beings like to –
– the heart, that you will become more loving
– the throat that your communication will improve
– to the head that you will become more creative or spiritual

You may experience ecstasy in all parts of your body. Your life may never be the same!

Day 1
This workshop is composed in such a way that you can learn and feel what sacred touch is so that you can allow healing energy of love into your body and life. Mastering the art of giving and receiving tantric massage is opening us on many levels:
– It helps to recover energy
– Teaches us sacred touch
– Raise awareness of the body
– Is an Introduction to tantric sex
– Develops our potential for love.
It is not possible to mention all the benefits of tantric massage but first of all, it is an experience of deep inner joy, bliss, cleansing, peace and ecstasy. It is the experience of being whole. We will mainly focus on the feelings in the body and not only on the techniques. First of all, we want to ensure that participants will experience touch, that they open up for receiving and giving on the body level, that they open up for feeling the pleasure of being a giver and receiver of a massage. We want to go deep into the levels of feeling pleasure, bliss, and flow of the love energy. We want to free all the tension from our bodies, let them go away to make more space in the body, to make in the place of the blockages space for the flow of life energy.

Day 2
Learn how to use massage in your relationship – to improve your beautiful love, your intimacy and sexuality. Massage could be great for foreplay, after play, the middle play of lovemaking. Even better, it could be lovemaking itself. Tantric massage may bring you so much higher ecstasy than average, typical, 5-minute intercourse ended with losing energy and so often frustration on the long run.

At this workshop, in the playful journey, we would learn, explore and exercise powerful Yin and Yang polarities.
Many couples are saying that they’re ok they don’t need tantra. In our School Of Tantra Movement we don’t wanna that your relationship would be just ok. We would like that you would become supreme lovers and your passion for each other would grow constantly. At this workshop, I would also introduce you a new language, how you may communicate with each other. Its Β¨5 minute tantraΒ¨. This body language may bring you deep understanding to each other, which would help you to connect better and sort out many problems in your relationship and in your life in general.

Day 3
The Kashmiri Tandava Dance Massage starts with dancing according to your own, individual breath. Start to dance not for others or for the music, but in your own rhythm, which is guided by your breath.
Deepen and enhance your breath with the movements of your body. Let the bod follow your breath.
This bridge leads you to full awareness of here and now.

After this preparation, we go into the Kashmiri Dance Massage, which also follows your breath with deep, floating, intuitive movement. Long, energetic and fluent strokes coming from the breath bring us in a very meditative but dynamic atmosphere, where receiver would surrender into the moment and to the love itself. It will make you feel safe in the ultimate dimension. It will bring you closer to yourself in deep connection.

In the same time, you would be in the Tao circle of four year seasons

What will you learn?
– Respecting and expressing your and your partner’s boundaries and wishes
– Basic of Tantric Massage
– How to sublimate and bring the sexual energy to the higher chakras instead of losing it through the peak orgasm
– Use of Tantric Massage for more Love in relationship
– 5-minute tantra, very therapeutic, solving conflicts and connecting practice
– Importance of playing with Yin and Yang energies
– Using powerful breath during the massage
– Some of the Tantra Kriya Yoga

What you may Experience:
– Healing of your sexuality, past traumas, blockages
– Higher, longer ecstasies than you have ever had before without the need for having an ejaculation or even an erection
– Liberating from conditioning
– Love
– Friendship
– Connection

By who?
Michal Kali Griks – Founder of Tantra Movement
Michal dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Tantra. When he discovered Tantra fourteen years ago, it completely changed his life. He followed his heart and completed several trainings in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, including intensive study at the Rasayana Academy in the Netherlands.

For nine years, he has been sharing his vast knowledge of Tantra and passing on his enthusiasm, love and experience in his retreats. Since he started to train teachers as well, the Tantra Movement Team is growing – and so is our love through which we aspire to make the world a more beautiful and loving place. Join us on this journey!

Costs / Contribution:

Early Bird. 2 months before Course
250 USD per person
450 USD per couple

Normal Price:
300 USD per person
530 USD per couple

Special discounts:
*When you do whole course (4 modules) – 900 USD
*Two courses cost only 1700 USD
*When you like to go deeper to learn how to become professional masseur, assistant, practitioner, teacher, please contact us individually to get special prices.

If cost is an issue and you would really like to join, do not hesitate to find a solution with us

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