Lanzarote New Year Retreat: Surf, Acroyoga, Yoga & Hiking

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🌞 Surf, Acroyoga, Yoga and Hiking New Year Retreat in Lanzarote 🌞

28 December to 3rd January 2021

🌞Would you like to spend a week in the middle of the winter surfing on one of the largest and most beautiful sandy beaches in the Canaries? Learn and deepen your Acroyoga skills from basic poses and transitions, to pops, whips, funny and crazy washing machines or standing Acro?? Get up every day giving you a session of Yoga or Therapeutic exercise?? Walking on Volcanoes? Discover small corners of Lanzarote from the hand of Canarian People??Tasting delicious local Food?

🌞We are going to spend a week in Lanzarote doing Surfing, Acroyoga, Yoga and Hiking, exploring the island from the hand of local people who will bring you a unique and incredible view of this small island full of secret spots …

🌞 It will be a very authentic and enriching experience that will allow you to connect with yourself and other friends motivated by living a full life in intimate contact with nature, surrounded by beautiful people. It is a unique opportunity for personal development in which you could work different aspects of your personality through challenging activities full of beauty.


AcroYoga mixes the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic force of acrobatics and the loving kindness of thai massage. These three lineages give the foundation to a practice that cultivates trust, play and community.

AcroYoga uses in play, group interaction, trust and security, sharing and flow. Flying is a bold and fun practice that we can experience with the support of all. Connecting and living in the present is our greatest gift.

Join and be surprised by your own capabilities. You do not need previous experience. We will adapt the level according to participants level and can split the group at times to facilitate learning at different levels.


We consider hiking an excellent practise to discover, feel and enjoy beautiful places. We love to hike in Desert, Mountains, Canyons, Valleys, Volcanoes… For us hiking is an active meditation which helps us to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. We will do some hiking routes around Lanzarote to explore the area and appreciate the beauty of this incredible place unique in the world. The volcanic lanscapes, light, and singularity of this island will surprise even the most expert traveller. We will also visit a local wine cellar where we can appreciate the “gerias” a unique way of cultivating in the world and taste the delicious wines of Lanzarote


Wake up each morning to some Yoga and therapeutic exercise, guided by a yoga teacher and a physiotherapist to revitalize and face a fun-filled day with healthy joints and muscles. We will practice body mobilization, stretching, partner exercises, breathing, massages, and specific exercises for AcroYoga. .


Surf is probably one of the nicest sports human can practise, if you ever have experience the feeling of riding a proper wave you know what we are talking about… Is a very special feeling full of purity, beauty, adrenaline, happiness, fluidity… is hard to put in words…however is not really easy to learn so is a good idea to have somebody who is more experience to give you some advices about the surfboards, the wetsuit, the sea currents, the tides…. each spot is different and each wave as well… in the sea you rarely have two equal days πŸ™‚

Our Surf School Partner “The Santa Surf Pro Center Famara” is a surf school run by young entrepreneurs from the village of La Caleta de Famara which has a great experience in Classes, Surf camps, rent and sale of material, excursions and surf trips. It has all kinds of materials and equipment to offer the best surfing classes from the hands of great professionals who love and life the surfing.


Lanzarote is a small island of the Canaries located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of Morocco, although it forms part of the Spanish territory. It is a place with a very special energy that attracts people from all over the world. It has a warm and mild climate all year round which makes it ideal as a place to spend the holidays and to practice sports like surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, cycling, swimming, hiking, diving, yoga …

“Their strange volcanic lands of a thousand colors greet you and the calm and silence of the whole island invite you to disconnect to recharge your energy in long days full of light.

Its peculiar landscapes form an ecosystem of great value recognized internationally. An ideal environment to relax and get lost for its volcanoes, caves or unspoiled beaches. Then stop for a moment and breathe the peace of the island. You will feel as far as traveling to the moon. “

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