Love Inclusive 3 Day Immersion for Couples in Czech Republic

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We are in an age where new paradigms of relating are emerging.

The construct of what we believe Love to be is beginning to crumble and can no longer survive.

Deep in the collective mind, ingrained and conditioned ways of relating are breaking down creating space for a new kind of relating to come forth.

During this transitional phase you might feel uncomfortable. You might feel that something is wrong with you. That you shouldn’t feel or follow the expansion that wants to move through your heart.

You might fear the wave of inclusivity that is coming, because this new way of loving might destroy the idea of love you cherish deeply with your partner.

At the same time you know that this Love that has brought you together can’t be contained. It is screaming out to be shared and to be of service to the world.

Are you feeling the strong pull and coexistence of these paradoxical polarities within you?

• I want to Love freely AND I want to feel secure in my loving relationship with my beloved
• I want to deeply connect with other beings AND not jeopardize my relationship
• I want to relate intimately WHILE not necessary sexually

You might look around, trying desperately to find role models within the couples surrounding you. Someone who can show you the way, to prove to you that this dichotomy can coexist in harmony… And yet you are left bewildered, with no living or breathing examples of this reality.

However, this is a blessing. It is forcing us all to connect in the deepest most intimate way with ourselves. Teaching us to move from an inner knowing rather than an external one.

The truth is;
There is no relationship rulebook!
No more dogma to follow!
No more concepts to grasp to avoid feeling that scary yet authentic calling of Love!
No more boxes to tick such as; monogamy, polyamory, open relating.. and all the other labels we try to put on love.

I hear your fears beloved.

“ I am scared to lose my partner.”
“I don’t want to suffer.”
“I don’t think I can handle those inner contradictions”

And I also hear your longing to access the highest quality of Love that you know is possible. A love that isn’t restrictive. A love that includes all parts of you, your partner, the planet and all of existence.
You don’t have to choose anymore between Love or Freedom.
Step into an INCLUSIVE RELATIONSHIP with yourself – it’ll ripple into relationship with your partner and furthermore, into your community and the planet.


All you and your partner need for this experiential retreat is love for one another, along with an inner knowing that this Love doesn’t belong to you or anyone else. Knowing it can’t be restricted without dying.

You don’t need to belong to any couple status, you don’t need to be in a harmonious or disharmonious relationship to step into this experience.
All colors and flavors of couples are welcomed.
As long as you two can connect to that spark of love that brought you together. The spark that is yearning to become an ardent and inclusive burning fire.


This experience is designed to be a portal of initiation and transformation.

You will reconnect to the innocence from your childhood, when you were free to love inclusively without the fear of losing. You will reconnect with a lost sense of deep security within your body that will naturally dissolve the fears that hold you back from Freedom – it is the space in which Love flourishes, in contrast to dying in attempts to grip the ungraspable spark.

We will use:
• Sharing,
• Self-inquiry,
• Movement meditations and
• Touch – the mother tongue of Love.

We’ll embark on a journey returning to innocence and intimacy.

The vulnerability and authenticity of the body will serve as a barometer of trust and safety as we create inner spaciousness, relax the nervous system and expand the limitless flow of love amplified by the group.

The retreat is designed to best suit the group. This means the experience is customized to specifically suit the energy of the group.

Be ready to step into the mystery.
Be open to exploration and experimentation.

Know that:

There’s an intimate setup of maximum 8 couples.
We are inclusive of all sexual orientations.
The retreat will be lead in English and translated in Czech



Workshop 600€ per couple

Accomodation and food from thursday dinner to sunday lunch is for € 90,- per person.

Starts on Thursday 14th of May at 5 pm
Ends on Sunday 17th of May at 5pm

Information and bookings, contact Lucie Žilkayová
[email protected]


Laura has a powerful, authentic and sensuous presence.

Through the space she holds, her students and clients learn how to access their inner ability to empower and transform themselves and their lives.

Weaving together darkness and light she gives permission to explore all sides of yourself in an ease-full way so you can embody fully your wholeness.

“Love Inclusive” is the product of her life experience and her embodied wisdom.

Laura has quickly recognised relating as being a path of inner integration that has the potential to lead to Self-realisation through becoming Love.

After years of frustration and guilt in conditioned monogamy, followed by years of trauma in open relating and polyamory, Laura took on the mission to create spaces where couples could have an embodied experience of inclusivity from a place of authentic ease.

Sebastien Daka is a tantra and meditation teacher, intimacy coach, Tantric body worker.
He is dedicated to spiritual growth and personal development, using the Heart as a tool and as a path.
He spent the last 17 years travelling and studying around the world and he already taught over France, Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine, Mexico, India, Thailand and now Australia.