MaschiMuschkil AcroYoga Retreat In Agdz

Event Details

Two weeks of AcroYoga – ContactImpro- Climbing Retreat

Let’s get together and celebrate the fascination of movements, bring it all together 🙂
Enjoy the large variety of AcroYoga, StandingAcro, Contact Impro, Yoga, Climbing, Hiking, Massage and Meditation with us..! Our Maschimuschkil-Team will provide the space for you to grow & learn, develop your skills or get a taste of something new ..

We found an amazing valley, with a fresh river and green landscape to create our Retreat.
A beautiful old house, right next to Todra River will be the place of happening. With a sandy terrace and the riverside as acro-spaces, a little opening in the woods for ContactImpro. Multiple terraces in the rocks & the valley with the river will create a festival atmosphere and space to move freely between the locations..
10min walk up the gorge, you will find the first climbing sector of Todra, with red and solid limestone..
So bring your climbing shoes 😉

The exact dates for our Retreat are not fixed yet, it’s problably gonna happen between 10th & 25th of May, we will update info as soon as possible..!
Also the price isn’t ready yet.. But we think we should be able to provide a careless time for 300-350€ per week, with a special price for a two-weeks Ticket..
If your super broke or very low on money and can’t afford the trip,message us!! We want to make sure that everybody who wants to come can come .. updates soon 🙂

So cancel your Uni & Job for may and come to Morocco, enjoy the sun with us and sleep under the stars 🙂
There will be a house with warm rooms & real beds as well, if you don’t wanna camp in the valley..

Please message us if you have questions, we are keen to get in contact with you 🙂
If you’re super interested, you can send an SMS with ‘MaschiMuschkil+name’ to 0049176/45781818

Happy & excited to see you there 🙂