Standing Acrobatics Workshop – Post Helsinki AcroWeek 2019

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Post Helsinki AcroWeek 2019 – Standing Acrobatics

The 2nd ever post event focused in Standing Acrobatics right after
AcroWeek Helsinki 2019!

After a week of creative acroyoga, the post event will be concentrated Standing acrobatics, which we will be learning with four of our amazing AcroYoga Week teachers who are also devoted to standing skills and dynamic acrobatics:
Heidi Blais, Valtteri Rantala and duo Kat & Jared (AcroKat & Jared Van Earle).

The post event will be two days long starting right after Acro Week on Monday 12th of August 2019.

Day 1 – Standing acrobatics
Standing Acro with Valtteri & Heidi.
This journey will strengthen the fundamentals standing skills such as 2high, standing f2h and h2h . We will also explore some fun new entries and exits from standing skills.

Main teachers: Heidi Blais and Valtteri Rantala

Day2 – Dynamic Acrobatics
Lifts, jumps, throws, drops and pulls! We learn about moves that require good connection and timing. Big dynamic skills take a long time to build up and we aim to give you the tools you need to start making hard skills look and feel easy. Mondays f2h and h2h made dynamic as well as dance acro lifts. Depending on base – flyer ratio we might work also on group skills such as banquine.

We focus on partner connection, exploring the principles of lifting people with ease. We look for partner balance and inspire new movement possibilities.

Main teachers: Kat(FIN) & Jared(AUS)

Depending on the level of participants, there will be 1 or 2 different level workshops running on both time slots to accomodate challenge for everyone.
18-21 evening workshops
18-21 evening workshops

Sale opens early April
First 10 tickets: 70e ( or local active teachers)
The rest of the tickets: 85e


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➳ Kat & Jared /

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