Euphoria Tantra Festival in London

Event Details

Tantrafestivals’ EUPHORIA is an invitation to discover the amazing potential that every one of us has to experience euphoric happiness, bliss, expansion and love – simply by allowing our inner nature to flourish beyond limitations. In this alcohol and drug-free festival, we will explore the ecstatic game of yin and yang, feminine and masculine – the game of energies that creates the igniting sparks of our upwards flight to ecstasy.

Our aim in this festival is to help you to discover how life itself provides everything you need to fly high and to discover that not even the sky is the limit. This is a weekend of inspiration, meaningful encounters and life-changing experiences, including workshops, talks, artistic performances, yoga, meditation, an ecstatic party… plus more intimate experiences in the Tantra Temple.

The festival is open for both singles and couples and is designed to cater for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. The festival will have four halls running simultaneously and you will have the chance to meet 25+ Tantra teachers from the UK and abroad, who will share their life-experience and wisdom.

“Be drunk with love, for love is all that exists.” (Rumi)