Tantra of Liberation Workshop with Renetsu in Brightwater

Event Details

Tantra is the complete spiritual path. It includes all aspects of us, including our sexuality. It is not just about sex. It’s the life force energy that flows through our bodies with fire, passion, creativity, bold playfulness, fun and ecstatic bliss. It’s how we know we are ALIVE!

This is a powerful focused 5 day Immersion to explore, uncover, experience, allow, release, clear and integrate the underlying patterns, beliefs, conditioning, traumas and armour that prevent or hold you back from living your authentic tantric life. Liberation from the ‘stuff’ to ‘Moving with an Open Alive Honesty’.

I created this program and have taught it internationally and very successfully, a number of times during the past 2 years. All will be fully consensual and there will be some opportunity for nudity if you make the choice, in the moment, to experience it. Full body energetic orgasms are welcomed but penetrative sex will not be included in our sessions.

What we will explore during this 5-Day Immersion⋄
~ Connection
~ Life Celebration
~ Feeding Ceremony.
~ Learn what Tantra truly is.
~ The Healing quality of Conscious Touch.
~ Bringing the Sacred into all aspects of our lives.
~ Exploring your sexuality and your expression of it.
~ Releasing the judgments that shame us and others.
~ Delicious sensory expansion to bring our bodies alive!
~ Cutting the ties that restrict us from being fully ourselves.
~ Opening to energetic expressions & experiences of sexuality.
~ Dynamic Self-Exploration of openness, connection and blissful living.
~ Conscious Communication with yourself, your relationships and surroundings
~ De-armouring of the heart to receive more love and to give more love to others.
~ Self-Empowerment through an understanding of our body, feelings and emotions.
~ Exploring and balancing the energies and expressions of both the masculine & feminine within ourselves.
~ Empower you to create safety within yourself and your environment by increasing your understanding of how this feels and how to communicate clearly.

What methods of teaching you will experience⋄

• Carefully designed exercises from many years of practice
• A combination of Music, Silence, Stillness, Movement and Dance
• Grounded, Centred, Present & Balanced Meditation
• Energy Work
• Ecstatic Shaking
• Removal of Blockages
• Physical Touch
• Expansion
• Deep Healing
• Ceremony
• Conscious Listening
• Sharing Circles
• The Speaking of Channeled Wisdom

All is heart centred, consensual, conscious and deeply honouring.

Open to all genders and sexual orientation over 21. Previous experience not required.

Schedule: There will be 2 active sessions, of up to 2 hours in length, each day, plus a circle where you are invited to share your experiences if you choose. The circles encourage conscious listening and provide an opportunity to ask questions. I share wisdom on some of the topics that arise and answer that which is supportive to the group process. You are asked to not make any social commitments during this Immersion to fully dive deep into the experience and to be fully present.

Our Venue is: Paratei Lodge, Lee Valley Road, Brightwater Nr Nelson, New Zealand. This is a girl guide lodge and camp ground in a beautiful rural setting with river access and bathing hole.

Accommodation: is in dormitories or camping. Bring your bedding / camping gear.

Food: We are deliciously fully catered by Julja who pours her passion for life, love of people, delight of aesthetics, and wisdom of the supportive role wonderful food has on our processes in this deep work. She serves 3 warm meals per day as well as morning and afternoon tea. Beverages such as black tea, a variety of fresh herbal teas and lemon and ginger water.
Fresh seasonal ingredients will be cooked from scratch. Organic produce will be used where possible. Only free range eggs used. Special diets (vegan/gluten free/ dairy free/sugar free) can be cater for.

$1,300 – Early Bird Discount available until 22/11/20
$1,300 – Discount to previous participants of my residential courses available until 10/1/21
$1,450 – Full price
Spaces limited, high demand expected. Reserve your space with $300 non refundable deposit. Full payment required by 22/1/21.
If we need to cancel due to covid 19 regulations a full refund will be made of all monies paid less any expenses that have been incurred, mostly due to catering preparations.

Bookings: email [email protected] for a registration form and payment details.

Further information:
Web Site: www.ecstaticpresence.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EcstaticPresence/

Future Event: See also Tantra Ecstatic Presence – Exploring Our Sexual Expression 3 Day Immersion 6-9th Nov also @ Paratei Lodge. More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1034607686967998/

As a powerful energy worker who Tantricly Self Realised in the ‘90’s, I teach Tantra in a Uniquely Empowering Way. Being a sensitive and experienced empath I am able to read and respond effectively to the needs of the group tailoring my carefully prepared sessions precisely.

During a successful career working with offenders, I was struck down with an illness of unbearable pain and told repeatedly I would never walk again. My sons were both young and I was committed to parenting them so I needed to stay present in my body rather than give up this life. These factors fully focused my path to awakening to the knowing of the oneness of all, and taught me a great deal through direct experience.

I have been teaching, holding medicine free ceremonies and offering one to one sessions since the late 1990’s. I am internationally renowned as a holder of space in which healing and shifts of consciousness easily occur allowing an impressive growth opportunity to all. I use my sessions as a speaker of wisdom, and messenger of strategic insight with pinpoint accuracy. All of my focus revolves around facilitating and encouraging others into deeper depths of Consciousness and Healing from which to lead full expressions of their awesome authentic being in life.

In NZ, since 2002, I have taught many times in festivals incl. Luminate, Evolve, The Mix & Convergence and have also trained a number of people to facilitate my Consensual Contact workshop. <3 Testimonials:
“Renetsu’s Workshop changed my life. I heard the call for tantra since some months but never had the right opportunity to start – until her 3-days intensive appeared. I came with the expectation of having a great time, but what happened really touched me on a deep level. In the perfectly held space one pattern after another came up. I found I had a deep level of lack and scarcity inside of me, leading to the endless need for more love, more sex, more food, more touch. At the same time I had a receiving-block – can you imagine these two patterns in combination? The intensive gave me the perfect space to change this and even more blocking patterns. At the evening after the end of the last day I even had the best sexual experience of my whole life and since then the amounts of pleasure in my life has massively increased. I could tell even more of what happened to me, but I want to make it short: Just visit her workshops and enjoy her space holding. Its totally worth it.”
Mark Oswald

“I acquired in this workshop the possibility to connect to my body and to the world in a totally new and subtle way. The field of possibilities in front of me looks huge and unlimited. I am so grateful for all the support that I got from the safe and secure environment carefully implemented during the workshop as well as the delicious generosity of all the participants! All this would not be possible without this beautiful ability of Renetsu to gently and subtly open around you and within you new channels and possibilities to fully let flow Life energies.” Romain Petinot (France)

“Six months ago, I was a wreck of myself, walking around with barely any will to live, though I had no desire to die. I had no desires at all, at that point, it was like my very life force had been burned out completely. Maybe that’s why they call it “burn out”. With this empty shell of a soul, I came to Koh Phangan and after a month of resting and recovering, I discovered Tantra. Or maybe Tantra discovered me. And it brought me from a fearful place, a way of looking at romantic relationships with distrustful and cynical eyes, to a place of unconditional love for myself and for life. I was 24 years old and had never been in a relationship, something I had always held a lot of shame about. Out of all of the myriad of Tantra workshops out there, I was incredibly lucky to find Renetsu and Tantra Ecstatic Presence, who helped me to slowly open up my heart in the safest space I have ever been in my entire life, like a beautiful lotus flower beginning to bloom. And since then, I have delved deeper into the Tantra world and found both beautiful spaces of healing and others which have been less than beautiful, but all experiences have been part of an incredibly healing journey into my own heart. Now I am in a relationship for the first time in my life, with an amazing man who I love beyond words, who has showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and giving your heart fully to someone – in the words of Rumi, “a lover doesn’t figure the odds, (s)he gambles everything, even the circle around the zero. Thank you, Renetsu and Tantra Ecstatic Presence.” (Thelma Lebert)

“I thank you Renetsu, I thank all of you my beloved friends. I am grateful for the new energy, that new force created in me that I did not know before. Energy that helps me get rid of my judgment with other people. A great warmth that draws me closer to people, to listen to them. Simple. It’s a Great Feeling! It’s an Uplifting Feeling. Shower Love” Shahar Gonen (Israel)

“Thank YOU Renetsu! You are unlike any other teacher I have ever met, and I feel truly honored to have shared time with you. Thank you again for all your teachings.” Emma Marshall (America)
“I enjoyed the 3-day-course with Renetsu so much. The whole experience was very special, but for me personally it was most important that I felt safe. Renetsu created such a safe space and took every much care about our boundaries and needs. To experience this space and her support was very powerful. I can highly recommend doing her course!“ Aline Osenau (Germany)

“Strong, yet gentle
‘Shaking’, yet still
Small, yet fills the room
Enormously open and giving
Playful and full of smiles.
Sparkling eyes and graceful body
True to herself
Exudes beauty outwards.”
Anon (New Zealand)