Tantra Pleasure & Healing Workshop in Molkom

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During this workshop we will devote ourselves to pleasure – purely because it is pleasurable – and also because pleasure will support our healing and deepening our connection to expand and open up for even more joy and pleasure in life. Pleasure is a fantastic way to support healing. When we feel pleasure, we open up, we let go, we’re saying “yes” and we are present – here and now. In that state, anything can surface: lust, joy, vulnerability, as well as feelings of shame.


• feel more alive and become more present

• heal feelings of shame, guilt and sexual wounds

• increase your ability to be close to other people

• explore new sides of yourself

unite sexuality and spirituality

• feel more love for yourself and your body

• feel more love for other people and life itself


In tantric sexuality, touch and pleasure are powerful tools that support you in unfolding your loving heart and finding harmony in your body and soul. We use these tools to either enjoy the moment, or to increase awareness of what is preventing us from experiencing our natural state of love and pleasure. Also by practicing conscious breathing, the flow of sexual energy naturally arises and through respectful and loving touch we have the opportunity to heal and transform those obstacles.

It’s in the state of pleasure and through embracing what is that healing can take place. It’s when we face, accept and love those parts of ourselves (which we previously tried to escape, repress or control) that these frozen parts can melt and flow, in the same way as ice becomes water.


During the weekend you can choose to focus on what you need to practice regarding sex and intimacy. It’s usually a lot of physical touch and many exercises to feel safe, confident, relaxed with your self and others and be supported to transform obstacles and feel more pleasure.

Tantra is about being with what is right now and therefore we will adjust the content of the workshop to what happens in the group. This means that all workshops are different. Here are examples of what we might do:

• practicing intimacy and being close to others

• practice conscious and empathetic touch, giving and receiving massage

• exercises to feel and communicate what we want and need

• express feelings and truths, without taking responsibility for other people’s reactions

• get better at saying YES and fully indulge ourselves

• practice saying NO and setting healthy boundaries

• breathing exercises that gives more energy, presence and deepens the experience

• exercises that can increase the energy flow in the body and facilitate ecstatic experiences and energy orgasms

• peaceful and/or dynamic Tantric meditations

• explore intimate contact with other people using all senses

• training to follow impulses, dare to take initiative, lead and express our power

• an opportunity to be held and let go

• dancing to celebrate life, experience a free flow in the body and increase the presence

• sharing our inner experiences with each other


To this space we welcome everyone who longs to feeling more of yourself. We welcome you regardless of sexual orientation, preference or experience, whether you are single or have one or more partners. Welcome to a space where you can be who you are and become who you want to be.