High on Life Tantra Festival in Estonia
Cultivate love for yourself, create magic with other enlightened souls, and expand your spiritual horizons! Join our shared energy in a welcoming, conscious community.

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Connect and discover with fellow seekers at the High on Life Festival outside Tallinn, Estonia. In the peaceful, natural surroundings of the woods and mountains, a community centered on joy and dedicated to peaceful discovery and spiritual awakening will gather to help each other unleash the power for creativity and love we all hold within us. We’ll come together for a unique experience of shared community, dedicated to helping one another deepen our understanding of the world.

Participate in guided meditation sessions, dance and movement, music, lectures on spirituality and holistic living, and more! Nourish yourself body and soul with whole foods and the peaceful quiet of nature and fellowship.

Refresh and revitalize your body, mind, and soul through joyful fellowship. This is a chance to connect and share as well as grow the relationships we have with ourselves and with each other as co-inhabitants of the planet and the spiritual universe.

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  • In Connection High on Life Estonia Tantra Festival 2022