Find your next Tantra experience

Find your next Tantra experience

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Zing Events Presents: Tantra All Around the World

Zing brings you all the tantra events in the world under one roof; a workshop in Ibiza, a retreat in Bali, intensive training in Koh Phangan, or a festival in Mexico – if it involves pleasure and consciousness we’ll find it and list it on Zing.

Search by place, or search by date and rest assured – Zing has the most complete listing of tantra events all over the world, between now and next year.

Here’s a quick recap of the types of events featured:

Tantra Workshops

Tantra workshops are becoming more popular for people who want to explore themselves  and grow personally as well as spirituality. There are workshops for singles and those focussed on couples.

Workshops are great opportunities to get a glimpse of what tantra is all about and start this lifestyle. During tantric workshops, you’ll be able to fully experience and benefit from the knowledge and unique expertise of teachers or tantra schools.

Tantra Retreats

If you want to take your experience to the next level, you can join a tantra retreat. These retreats will take you deeper into personal and spiritual growth and often include full accommodation and food! Tantra retreats are intimate affairs for both singles and couples. Yes, you can join a retreat for singles or you can join a tantric retreat for couples.

Whatever you choose, during a retreat you will have a chance to connect with other people, and learn about tantra, massage, sexology and sexuality, yoga, meditation and so much more! And just to be clear, joining a retreat is not like signing up for a tantric sex retreat. This is about much more than tantric sex retreats (read below) and if you find a good tantra teacher with the right qualification, you will have a unique experience, either by yourself or as a couple!

It’s a unique experience to join a tantric retreat for couples. It will not only help you to develop more intimacy between each other, you will also develop your own skills and grow personally as well as a couple!

Tantra Festivals

There are many tantra festivals organised all over the world. At these festivals you can join a variety of tantra workshops offered by many different teachers. The festivals have a program where you can join any tantra class you like.

Festivals often include yoga, meditation, breathwork, dance, as well as workshops for singles and workshops for couples. Most festivals are between 3 to 6 days and often include food and accommodation. Tantra festival is a great way to experience a class with different teachers coming from different schools. Join several tantra classes, experience multiple workshops and get to meet a lot of new people! 

Tantra Training by Tantric Teachers

If you want to learn more, go to a tantric sex workshop, retreats or training. You want to be careful which teacher you are learning from. Unfortunately, not all people who call themselves tantra teachers nowadays have the right intention and integrity and you should always check the bio of a teacher before booking any tantric workshop or retreat.

Too many people started to teach tantra without first completing their tantra training, qualification or years of experience in the field of tantra. To make sure you choose the right teacher, who has a tantric certification, always look for their experience and check their testimonials.

You don’t want to learn from someone who just took a workshop themselves and now feel they can do this as well! Tantra needs to be practiced for years, in a tantric school and community, with the right teachers, so yes, choose your teacher wisely!

Tantra Near Me

Now you know what you need to choose the right class, workshop, training or retreat and you can start to look for tantra teachers who offer classes near you.

Zing provides valuable information for singles and couples who wish to learn while travelling and zing also provides the perfect tool for your day-to-day tantra near me – you don’t need to fly across the world in order to participate in tantric lessons, festivals, retreats or classes!

Simply use the location filter, select your current location and see all the events that are happening near you.

Tantra for Beginners: FAQ

You have to begin somewhere to understand more about tantric schools, and why you want to practice! Here are some basic concepts explained.

What is Tantra?

If you are completely new to tantra lessons and don’t understand the full picture, there are some misunderstandings to put back in place. Many people think that tantra is all about sex, and that going to a workshop is means signing up for a tantric sex workshop with tantra certification. However, a professional tantra lesson is about so much more than sex! Tantra is a spiritual path that gives you tools and tantric training to elevate your level of consciousness.

What that means is to be more mindful, to connect with something greater than yourself, and ultimately to connect with the true essence of yourself. As one of the few spiritual traditions, it personal growth, which also includes sex. And when you start going to the right workshops and choose the right tantric retreats for couples you will learn so much more about that.

Is tantra all about sex?

No it is not! It is a mystical path that supports your personal as well as spiritual growth. It does include sexual practices but these are just a small part of what a tantra retreat for singles can offer you.

You can see it as a complete lifestyle that helps you to become a better version of yourself in all areas of your life. Just because sex is included in these practices, doesn’t mean it’s all about sex.

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a holistic practice that honours the essence of the tantric teachings which is to grow personally as well as spiritually. It is a massage that includes massaging the whole body (yes that does include the genitals!). Tantra massage also includes working with the chakras, with energy, and with your emotional and mental states, that is what makes this massage tantric and holistic! Want to know more? Check out our Tantra Massage Course.

What are the benefits of practicing Tantra?

The benefits are endless! Tantra can help you to grow on so many levels. You will become a better person, a better partner and you will start to move with more mindfulness through life. Not only that, a tantra retreat for singles can really help you to enjoy life to a greater depth by beyond the mundane and ordinary world.

Tantra has so many different practices that it can improve all aspects of your life! It will not only increase your overall level of happiness, it will also increase your wellness and you may see that your health starts to improve as a result of it.

Can I practice Tantra by myself?

Absolutely! Tantra is for singles and couples, and when you go back to the original essence of the teachings it was often practiced alone. Even when you are in a partnership it is still recommended to also practice tantra by yourself. If you don’t have a partner, there are so many tantric retreats for singles that will benefit you for a lifetime!

What are the basic elements of Tantra?

When you start to dive into tantra, you might bump into a few words you are not so familiar with. Here is a list of a few words you should definitely know!


When tantra speaks about consciousness it is referring to a state of being where you realise that everything is consciousness and connected with each other. The essence is to discover that you are consciousness itself, which means that the entire universe is one, yes including you! Through practicing tantra you can realise and directly experience that you are consciousness itself.

Shiva and Shakti

In the tantric cosmology, the whole universe is created by consciousness and Shiva and Shakti are the two fundamental forces that sustain this universe. Shiva and Shakti are symbolic representations of awareness and energy and are represented as a god and a goddess who are eternally in love with each other. Their union symbolises the union of the entire universe (pointing back to consciousness) and many of teachings are explained using their symbology.


When you start to practice tantra you will hear a lot about polarity and also work with creating polarity. Polarity is the expansion and contraction between two opposite poles (think about two magnets). When you wish to practice tantra as a couple, it is important to increase the polarity between each other, which means that one partner will connect more with their masculine energy and the other partner will connect more with their feminine energy. It doesn’t matter if you are a heterosexual couple or not. However you identify yourself, you can always play with tapping into one of those energies as long as your partner chooses the opposite one.


Chakras are energy centres in the body where the physical and consciousness meet. Chakra is a term coming from sanskrit (ancient language of india) and meaning wheel. In tantra classes, you will use the chakras to move energy through your body as well as elevate your level of consciousness (your mindset). The chakra system is a complex and comprehensive system that will take years (or according to tantra lifetimes) to be fully understood. All you need to know for now is that it is an energy system that you can tap into to understand yourself better!


Yoni is a sanskrit word that means sacred place and within tantra it is used to indicate the female genitals.


Lingam is a sanskrit word that means wand of light and within tantra it is used to indicate the male genitals

Now that you have a better grasp of what Tantra is all about, it’s time to hit the top of the page again and search the planet for your next – or first – Tantra event!