Do You Want to Boost Your Sex Life and Discover the Secrets of Tantric Massage?

Welcome to Our Tantric Massage Online Course!

Hi I am Arja! Expert in sexual empowerment and specialised in intimate sex & tantra. I have helped hundreds of people to move from having ordinary sex, into feeling deep pleasure, mind-blowing orgasms, real connection and experience sex as something that feels more intimate.

One of the main tools I am using to help people take their sex life to the next level is tantric massage. In this course you will find my expert tips and practical tools to start having more pleasure and connection tonight!

Who is this course for







This course is for you, if you wish to:


Experience deeper pleasure with your partner


Reach better orgasms during intercourse


Be able to last longer


Be more present in bed


Increase your libido


Overcome unpleasant sexual experiences


Get out of your sexual routine


Play, explore, get naughty, have way MORE fun in bed!

What will the course include?

Video lessons

More than 20 easy-to-follow video lessons that will guide you to master the art of tantric massage


Learn over 10 techniques to deeply pleasure and connect with your partner


Behind every practice there is background information to give you extra guidance and meaning to what you do

Tantric massage course lessons

Lesson 1: Are you ready to explore your sexuality?

Lesson 2: Where everyone starts: the juicy fruit exercise

Lesson 3: Explore different types (and ways!) of touch

Lesson 4: What makes this massage Tantric?

Lesson 5: The 4 principles of tantric massage

Lesson 6: Items you want to have to give an amazing massage

 Lesson 7: Boundaries & consent

Lesson 8: Learn a beautiful ritual to start the massage

Lesson 9: Start the massage with these techniques

 Lesson 10: Ready to make it sensual? Let’s get oily baby!

Lesson 11: 4 different types of touch to make your partner melt

Lesson 12: Learn the right massage sequence to build pleasure and excitement

 Lesson 13: Let’s get started with Yoni massage!

Lesson 14: How to enter the Yoni mindfully

Lesson 15: How to massage the inside of the Yoni

 Lesson 16: Discover the secret pleasure spots

Lesson 17: How to combine all techniques and get yourself in the flow

Lesson 18: Let’s get started with lingam massage!

 Lesson 19: First 3 techniques to massage when he is soft or hard

Lesson 20: When he’s got a hard on

Lesson 21: Don’t forget the balls!

 Lesson 22: Help him last longer

Lesson 23: How to conclude and integrate the massage

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What Can I Expect from A Tantric Massage Course?

It’s Your Time to Get Sensual and Start Learning Tantra

Sex is great. But tantric sex is euphoric, and as a being equipped with all the needed “tools” for remarkable sex, the only thing that prevents you from achieving it is knowledge. The knowledge of how to unlock the secrets to sensual euphoria.

These secrets can be unlocked by learning tantric pleasure. Don’t be discouraged by the word “learning”. It’s there to describe probably the most fun process you’ll ever experience. And the most rewarding one.

Entering the magical kingdom of tantra is a core-shaking experience. A journey to rediscovering yourself and the immense pleasure you can derive from your own body and mind, and the bodies and minds of others.

The time is now. The decision is yours. The reward is orgasmic.

Introduction to Tantra Training - Welcome to the Erotic Wonderland

What is tantric sex training?

A tantric lesson is a guided experience of how to deepen intimacy and human connection. How to create a new form of intimacy and how to feel unbounded love. It’s much more than just “sex training”.

Think of it as erotic massage lessons, each focusing on a different aspect of the act of love making. Like the lingam and yoni massages, that together will enable you to completely transform your sex life, and emotional being.

Since the sensual act of sex is so embedded in our core being, discovering new depths and heights of orgasmic jubilation will help you to feel more free, joyfull and confident in all areas of life.

What you’ll get from tantra online classes

First of all, you’ll get bed-shaking sex, that goes far beyond just a physical experience! Going through tantric sex lessons will not only be enjoyable, and interesting but will also stay with you for the rest of your life in the form of a newfound understanding of human sexuality and the art of giving and receiving boundless sensual pleasure.

Let’s Talk about the Benefits of Lingam Massage

Many people have never heard about lingam massage. They think that stroking a lingam is an almost-mechanical process with a single desired outcome – ejaculation. Lingam massage is something far from that!

It is the art of exchanging pleasure, intimacy and connection through a penis massage. It is an exchange of energy and love between two people, or an act of self pleasuring oneself. Either way, it’s about how to derive deep pleasure and a sense of connection through the male sex organ.

A lovingly given lingam massage can shake a man to his very core, in the most pleasurable way imaginable. Not only that, it is also a path to deep intimacy.

Learning tantric massage is a beautiful and intimate way to elevate the male experience of sexual connection to new heights of delight and conquer the until-now elusive male full-body orgasm.

Let’s Talk about Learning Yoni Massage

Yoni massage explores the female body in its entirety. Because for a woman to experience a truly rewarding orgasm her entire body needs to be stimulated, as well as her mind and self.

Yoni massage is the art of learning sensual massage and exchanging pleasure, love and connection through a massage of the vagina. As the vagina is the core of a woman’s sexuality, a yoni massage directs the female energy to awaken her core giving her a stronger connection with her sexuality and self to experience her true essence.

A truly spectacular yoni massage involves stimulating the clitoris, massaging the vagina wall, awakening the cervix, and activating the G-spot. But no less important is to integrate an arousing full-body massage.

You’ll need to learn erotic massage A-to-Z to pleasure yourself or your partner’s Yoni-being and go beyond a single clitoral orgasm to a full-body, multiple, long-lasting, awareness-shaking orgasm.

FAQ about Tantra Training Online

You really don’t need to, it’s more about wanting to. If you want to go beyond the basic, single-orgasmic sex and start experiencing emotion-filled, loving and intimate sexual connection with your partner, you should engage in a tantric sex course.

Absolutely! Although tantric massage lessons are physical in nature, there is no physical contact between the instructor and the students. So taking the course online does not hurt in any way the experience or the results. On the contrary, it allows you to engage in the lessons in your

Basically everyone. Our online tantra course was designed to fit anyone, men and women. It’s tantra training that lets you learn sex step by step to achieve sensual bliss.

Of course. We welcome singles to learn tantric sexuality on their own. After you acquired our bed-shaking techniques, you’ll be able to enjoy them by yourself (we strongly encourage self-pleasuring), and surprise your future partners with a new level of sensuality and prolonged, multi-climaxing. 

You learn, observe and practice various techniques of giving sexual pleasure and healing to a woman. From sensual massage training of the breasts, clitoris and cervix to learning how to massage and pleasure the inner yoni to awaken sensitivity and reach a deeper, more profound pleasure.

Yoni massage is a journey to a stronger, more meaningfully intimate connection. Yoni massage lessons are designed for both women and men.

You learn, observe and practice various techniques of giving sexual pleasure to a man. Lingam massage is meant for giving a man the opportunity to deepen the connection with his own self and with you, the giver. Lingam massage lessons are designed for both women and men.

That’s a hard one (no pun intended…) Couples’ tantra workshops are designed to inform and enrich both partners’ pleasure from sex and erotic interactions. They are constructed in such a way that both partners give and receive, learn about their own bodies, and that of their partner’s.

So the straightforward answer is yes – both partners are endowed with knowledge and experience about how to learn tantric sexuality to achieve tantric-level pleasure from sexual and sensual interactions. But what each party takes, and later on implements, that’s up to them.