Find your next Acro Teacher Training

Find your next Acro Teacher Training

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Acro Yoga Teacher Training All Around the World


Acroyoga and acrobatics teacher training is one of the highest level hands-on training one can attend in the field of partner acrobatics. There are two ways of looking at teacher training courses:


One is a career choice. After years of practicing acro yoga, attending workshops, immersions festivals and the occasional jam, you’ve realized that you want acro to be your vocation. You want to take it to the next level, to teach others what has been taught to you. You want to endow others with the physical and spiritual gift of acro.  


Second is a skill choice. As mentioned, a teacher training course is an intensive, high-level acro practice one can attend. And it goes beyond the physical challenge and skills-attained. Taking a teacher training gives you a much wider perspective on the whole partner acrobatics thing; how to communicate better with partners and spotters, how to construct a cohesive practice, how to warm up and cool down basically, how to be an even better practitioner. 


So, whichever your incentive is for taking an acroyoga teacher training course, you stand to gain…


  • Develop & diversify your skills
  • Understand flyers better (if you’re a base)
  • Understand bases better (if you’re flyer)
  • Achieve newfound confidence in your practice
  • Become the best spotter you can be
  • Be an active part of the global acro community
  • Your very own acroyoga teacher certificate


What to Consider When Choosing an Acro Teacher Training

The acro events universe is still miniature compared to the yoga one, but it’s growing and with it, the number of organizations offering a teaching certificate. So already it would be advisable to consider the different options when deciding to venture into the deep water of teacher training. Here are some pointers.


Prerequisites for the Training

Naturally, all training require you to have a certain level of experience and expertise in acroyoga and acrobatics and most organizations require you to have gone through a few of their lower-level ‘immersions’, ‘intensives’ or workshops. Some will also list specific moves and flows that you need to master in order to qualify like, hold a 30 seconds handstand, specific hand to hand or standing flows and sequences and so on.



Consider the price tag on the training you are looking into. Be ready for a considerable investment in your pursuit of an acroyoga/acrobatics teacher certificate. Keep in mind that some of the costs are just for the training while others include housing and food, much like an acroyoga retreat.


Size & Oomph of the Organization

This relates directly to your aspirations for taking this path - do you intend to make acro teaching your career or you are more into sharpening your skills and deepening your grasp of the craft? Your choice here is a combination of bragging rights and actual credence. If you’ve been following a certain organization or teacher it would only make sense to complete the move by getting your acro teaching certification from them. On the other hand though, it might give you scope and perspective to go with a different approach than the one you’re most familiar with.



For many, this consideration is a major one. If there are specific teachers you’ve been gaga over ever since you took had a workshop with them in an acro convention, this is your opportunity to get into deep with them. And even if not, looking over the teachers that will manage the training, researching their skills (an Icarian master; handstands specialists; washing machines artist...), should be a mighty important factor in your final decision.


Schedule & Duration

Some teacher training courses are held in one intensive stretch, while others break it down to modules. Depending on your availability and style, take this into consideration.


You Are One Step Closer to Your Own Acro Teacher Certificate

You are. Putting the wheels in motion by, for example, reading through this guide (!) means you have increased the likelihood of completing this move and actually taking part, and completing, acro yoga teacher training course. Keep coming back to check on trainings offered all around the globe.