Find your next Tantra Festival / Convention

Find your next Tantra Festival / Convention

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Tantra Festivals & Tantric Conventions Around the World


Tantra festivals are unique and intended for people who want to explore and grow both personally and spiritually, either by themselves or with a partner. Unlike music festivals, where you watch a series of performances, in tantra festivals, you are part of the performance.


During the festival, there will be a mix of classes, practise sessions and community activities. Maybe community is the keyword to understand what tantra festivals are all about - the focus is on strengthening and expanding human connections.


Types of Tantra Festivals

When you’re thinking of a tantra festival, let your imagination run wild. The word “festival” is used to indicate that it will be a happy, community-driven gathering of tantra enthusiasts.


The festival can vary in size and focus. When organized by larger, well known organizers, the scope can be massive and encompass many aspects of tantra. This will be structured according to skill level and teachers’ speciality, for example classes by a tantric massage teacher.


There are also smaller tantra festivals organized by either individuals, tantra teachers or smaller groups. These are less structured events, which are often focused more on the social and community aspect than on learning a new skill.


What To Consider Before Booking A Tantra Festival

So how do you know what to expect from a tantra festival? Before booking a tantra festival, consider the following:


Number of Participants

This will tell you a lot about the nature of the festival. Some tantra festivals will attract 50 people while others will attract hundreds.


Number of Teachers

This is a sure indicator for the scope of the event. A more diverse team of tantra teachers will give you a more diverse experience. You can do some research on the teachers to get to know more about the expertise and skills they’ll be sharing. If you’re a tantra enthusiast, maybe you’ll recognise the names of some teachers.


Tantra Festival Accommodation

This will vary depending on the type of tantra festival. Some offer only camping while others have rooms for rent or suggest booking accommodation nearby and others provide a mixture of both. Some festivals take place in a forest with basic accommodation while others happen in 5* resorts with pools and beach access. Likewise, some tantra festivals offer food while other events are self-catered. You’ll find that the catered events are often focused on providing healthy, plant-based food to nourish your mind and body.


Content Focus

Some tantra festivals aim for the broadest common denominator, offering workshops in a wide range of specific niches for all levels while others would rather focus their curriculum on specific topics.


The focus is always on pleasure and connection and how to have more of them, whether you’re in a couple or not. You’ll find workshops on anything from single and couple/mutual breathing exercises to tantric massage training to practising open communication. Workshops on masculine and feminine energy, rebirthing, ecstatic dance, sensual dance, yoga, meditation, sexual boundaries and consent can all feature at a tantra festival. Take a look over the type of content offered to help you decide if it’s right for you.


Pre & Post Events

The bigger tantra festivals will sometimes have pre and post events. This is a great opportunity to make the most of your trip and explore different workshops and meet new people. Even if the event itself doesn’t advertise these you should do a little research on social media or on the Zing tantra events list to find out what’s happening in the days before and after the festival. These smaller events can really help you meet people within the community, deepen your skills and grasp some of the more nuanced aspects of tantra.


FAQ for Tantra Festivals


Can I watch a workshop without participating?

Tantra festivals feature a mix of both theoretical and practical workshops, and some that combine both. Involvement is normally encouraged in order to make the most out of the workshop, but it is not required.


If I am single and come to the festival, do I need to be paired up with someone?

The choice is yours! Whether you would like to be paired up or prefer doing the workshops on your own, the important thing is that you feel comfortable. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that some workshops are specifically aimed at couples and so for these, you would need to pair up with another person in order to participate.


What is the appropriate age to attend a tantra festival?

Although most attendees usually range from 25 to 50 years old, anyone from the age of 21 can attend a tantra festival.


Are there any communities and support groups where people can meet each other before they arrive at the festival? Like a Facebook group?

Yes. Each festival will usually create their own Facebook group for the event where people can meet and interact with each other. In these groups, people usually help each other out with accommodation, flights and transportation and discuss the upcoming festival together.