Find your next Tantra Retreat

Find your next Tantra Retreat

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  • Online Tantra Massage Course

  • Do you want to boost your sex life and discover the secrets of tantric massage? This course is for you if you wish to play, explore, get naughty and have way MORE fun in bed!
Tantra Course
  • Female & Male Orgasm Retreat in Lage Vuursche

  • Areas of exploration are connecting to nurturing feminine & male forces, letting go of destructive associations with sex & destroying within you the social ideas of what it is to be a man & a woman.
  • 4-day Arya Ritual Retreat in Lage Vuursche

  • Change your sexual life into conscious, blissful, nourishing sexuality. Refining intercourse to Arya Tantra, entering great desire, awakening qualities of devotion & stabilizing yourself into bliss.
November 25 - 28, 2021