Find your next Tantra Workshop

Find your next Tantra Workshop

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  • De-armouring Practitioners Training in Athens

  • 120hr of teaching & practice, external & internal body de-armouring: whole body including lingam, yoni, cervix, anus & throat, sensual massage, raising sexual energy, body reading & reparenting.
  • Tantra Massage Therapist Training in Crete

  • Discover of the full body energy orgasm & how to attain it, feel & master sexual energy in yourself & others, marma points in Ayurveda & how they are used in Tantra Massage.
  • Taste of Tantra Workshop in London

  • Learn & study Tantra yoga as an energy based yogic practice, Tantric meditation, introduction to Tantric sexuality, Tantra massage, sacred Tantric ritual of Transfiguration & Tantra yoga classes.
  • ISTA Chicago 2020 Level 1 Experience

  • Work spirituality & sexuality, free yourself of guilt, shame & fear around sexuality, honor & express your boundaries, harness emotional & erotic energy for healing, transformation & manifestation.
November 23 - 29, 2020
  • ISTA Level 1 in New Orleans

  • A workshop to learn & practice essential skills around your sexual life force, tools to release fear, guilt & shame around sexuality, the ability to claim your erotic birthright to passion & pleasure.
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