Acro Intensive Workshop with Jacob Brown & Debbie Collis

Event Details

This February, Jacob “Pillow Feet” Brown and Debbie “Long Legs” Collis are coming to Toronto to level up your acro game!

Sign up today, early bird ends December 9!

Session 1: Washing Machines
Date: February 9
Time: 2:15-4:45pm
Description: Debbie and Jacob love teaching washing machines. We know fast ones, hard ones, beautiful ones.
Must know three basic washing machines: ninja star, barrel rolls, high barrel rolls:
Must be comfortable in side stars

Session 2: Whops!
Date: February 9
Time: 5:15-7:45pm
Description: Whips that pop! Add a little spunk to you regular whip. Add a little speed to your pop. Learn fun new ways to make your whips & pops more dynamic.
Pre-reqs: some experience with whips & pops
Must know Tarzans

Session 3: Dance Lifts
Date: February 10
Time: 10-1pm
Description: We will be learning an original dance sequence. Jacob & Debbie love teaching dance lifts because there are dozens of different kinds, accessible to all. At first glance, students watch and dance lift and can’t believe they their eyes, then a few minutes later they are doing the move themselves.
2 High
Just base or fly Partner Cartwheels

Session 4: Icarian (Human Juggling)
Date: February 10
Time: 2-5pm
Description: Jacob and Debbie have been working on a lot of Icarian lately…just peep their instagram. We will work on some sweet full release pops.
Must know Bird Pops
Throne Pops
Bird Throne Bird Pops

Session 5: Advanced Icarian
Date: February 10
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Description: This workshop will be progressing from the previous workshop, building up to Icarian back whips.
Same as session 4 & You must have taken session 4 and
Star pop Rev bird with hands.
***This session must be booked directly through Anya, once you have been approved for meeting the pre-reqs. If you are purchasing the full weekend ticket, session 5 will be an extra $35, otherwise it is $50 for the individual session.

$175 early bird full weekend intensive (ends December 9)
$50 Individual Session early bird (ends December 9)
$225 regular price full weekend intensive
$60 per individual session
**certified acro teachers: please message Anya for a special discount code**

To get to know Jacob & Debbie a little better, check out their website, a great resource for everything acro: