Acro Yoga Love Evolution – The Festival in Lindau

Event Details


At the beginning of 2020 we will give out more detailed info about the line up and general conditions and open registrations.
Put “coming” in the event to stay tuned!

This festival is born from the desire of Ivana Silvestri and Salvatore Daniele (Salva) to gather a community of people who love what they do and love sharing it.
For us the word Yoga in AcroYoga is of paramount importance!

Yoga means Union and practicing AcroYoga we have the possibility to experience this Union as two bodies doing ONE practice, rather two practices put on top of each other.
We all know how it feels when your partner just moves with you and together you form an harmony and Union of movement that is blissful. When you reach this you get a glimpse of non-duality: you don’t practice as two, you practice as ONE!

We would love to honour this feeling in any pose: it can be a bird, it can be a hand to hand or anything we will experience!​

We are carefully selecting a teachers’ board that lives in the truth of the value that AcroYoga has beyond the mere physical practice and appearance.

We did not choose LOVE EVOLUTION as title by chance: we mean it!