AcroYoga TT with Gabriella Acro & MiTo FlyingMonkey

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AcroYoga Stockholm Teacher training 2020
June 1-14th Yogansa & Shawake
With Gabriella Acro & MiTo FlyingMonkey
Contact: [email protected]
14 spots available

Immerse yourself into our 100h AcroYoga teacher training to deepen your skills, understanding and knowledge about this seamless integration of acrobatic & therapeutic flying, Thai-Yoga-massage and Yoga.

Join us on a transformative journey expanding your embodiment, acrobatic, movement and facilitator skills!

Progressive skill development will allow us to create a strong foundation and refine your practice and teachings.

We will support you with various tools to explore your unique teaching style, your voice and authenticity as a teacher in a safe, fun & mindful way.

After 14 days with us you will feel a great difference in holding space for others and a richer understanding of the wide spectrum of the AcroYoga practice.

Becoming a teacher, facilitator and space holder is an ongoing process which does not start or end with any teacher training program. Our intention is to offer an empowering boost to your path of deepening and sharing your AcroYoga wisdom.

Dates 1-14th June 2020
1-5th June Yogansa, Pipersgatan 26, Stockholm, Sweden
6-10th June Shawake, Österbybruk, Sweden
11-14th June Yogansa, pipersgatan 26, Stockholm, Sweden

The training is divided into 3 parts.
The 1st & 3rd part is held at Yogansa Studio and is non-residential, meaning it does not include accommodation or meals.
Once you are accepted to the training, we will support you through a private Facebook group so you can meet and arrange accommodation with your future flight partners and teaching colleagues.
Read more about Yogansa studio here

The 2nd part will be hosted at Shawake retreat center surrounded by the wonderful Swedish forest and a lake. The training includes delicious vegan food & accommodation in a dorm during the 6-10th of June at Shawake. Not included is transport to Shawake, It’s a 2h train ride from Stockholm city and we’ll travel together.
Read more about Shawake here:

Teacher training includes:
– Acro Skills
– Acrobatic sequences, flows and washing machines
– Flying massage
– Advanced acrobatics (whips, Icarian, pops, whops)
– Trio tricks
– Basic standing acro
– Counterbalances
– Inversions (headstand, handstand, various shoulder stands)
– Handstand technique, breakdown & handstand drills
– Human mandalas

Teaching skills:
– Sequencing for AcroYoga classes, workshops, festivals & retreats
– Community facilitating skills
– Cuing & concise instructions
– Teacher’s communication & wording
– Preparing classes for different levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and mixed level groups
– holding space
– Co-teaching & solo teaching
– Teaching situations, problems and solutions
– Planning process, how to improvise, layering, theme
– sharing & reflecting on various AcroYoga topics
– Community building
– Roll as a teacher & facilitator
– Basics of anatomy and biomechanics
– Safety precautions
– Training methodology
– Philosophy

– Partner exercises
– Tempo, timing and rhythm
– games

– Basics of Thai Yoga Massage
– Leading your own Thai Yoga massage sequence
– Therapeutic partner exercises
– Prehab & Rehab

Keep in mind that the program will be adjusted to the level of the group and we will learn/share/teach what works for your own level.

Early bird: Pay before 29th of February 2020: 16 990 SEK
Ordinary price: 19 990 SEK
Deposition to book your spot: 2000 SEK ( Non Refundable )
Last date for remaining payment: 30th of April 2020.

Cancelation Rules: Cancelations made before 30th of March will be refundable, minus deposition. Cancelations made between 1st of april and 30th of May will require a medical certificate and are refundable by 75% minus deposition.

Sign up & pay all at once on this link:

Installment Payment is also available!
Email [email protected] to set up an installment payment. Obs! 100% of the fee must be payed before the training starts.

We ask for pre-requisites to ensure everyone has a foundation that we can grow from.
The pre-requisites are meant to show us where you are currently in your practice. You do not need to have mastered all of the skills perfectly, but should have some successful attempts at each one of them. Show us your current practice and we will all progress together.

Have a passion & enthusiasm to share AcroYoga with others as a practitioner and a teacher. Develop your unique way of doing so with the support of this training. Connected to the AcroYoga spirit of trust, support & playfulness!

Yoga & movement pre-reqs:
Any style of yoga. 6 months of continuous practice
Handstand 30 sec against the wall
It’s also great if you have experience from other types of movement such as dance, martial arts, gymnastics

AcroYoga pre-reqs:
Basing or flying: bird, throne, straddle throne, star, back plank, side star, f2h

Basic sequences and skills such as
cartwheel -> straddle bat
star -> straddle bat
bird -> straddle throne
Back leaf -> straddle bat

Send a short video (1-2 minutes) of a flow of your choice
The video should represent where you are skill-wise. It doesin’t need to have a high quality – it can be filmed with a phone.

::: BIO :::
Gabriella Acro
Encouraging each student to feel safe, included and ready to explore playfulness and trust! We are stronger together, empowered and held by a community of supportive people.
Gabriella is a certified AcroYoga International teacher and she has studied acrobatics and circus arts at the Swedish Circus school, Cirkus Cirkor. She teaches Thai-Yoga-Massage, inviting students into a Lunar dance of healing touch. She has studied Thai-Yoga-Massage with the Sunshine Network in Thailand. In 2009 she co-founded the AcroYoga Stockholm community with Tobias Strollo and she teaches and travels worldwide.

MiTo FlyingMonkey
Mito is a German movement junky, who loves to geek out on tricks, progression, biomechanics, healing arts and the meaning of life. But the important stuff in life doesn’t happen in the mind, so more importantly he loves to play, explore, co-create and dive into a dance of movement. Since 2014 it is also part of his passion to share his insights and experience in Acroyoga, handstands and Thai-Yoga-Massage. He teaches workshops throughout Europe and on many festivals and conventions around the world, as well as several retreats every year. His strengths are precise instructions, on-the-spot cues and subtle progressions. He will only be happy after a workshop if people are left with a smile, a good feeling in their body and a lot of inspiration..