BuildYourDreams AcroYoga Retreat in Cascais

Event Details

In this Retreat, we want to focus on treating your mind, body, and soul! Help to set your goals, reach your dreams and everything while getting fit!

This retreat is for everyone who wants do something different, to connect, have fun, enjoy Portugal and eat healthy and delicious meals.

We start every day with a Morning Yoga session, after a delicious breakfast you will have time to discover the beautiful surroundings, sandy beaches, nearby local markets, walk around an amazing nature or just make you comfortable in our cozy house! Midday you will have an AcroYoga session and afternoons we will focus on a dreams workshop. Evenings you will have time to recover energy and reflect yourself with the beautiful sundowns.

Zlata & Sergio the experienced Yoga teachers will guide the group through the day’s with sensibly designed yoga-classes for all levels and little workshops focused on your dreams.

Let’s escape the everyday routine, focusing on your health, your goals and to start of a new version of yourself and don’t forget to pack your walking shoes, bikini, dreams, and joy!

What is included in your stay?
+ AcroYoga/Yoga sessions twice a day
+ all day long refreshing beverages and snacks
+ 3 main meals per day
+ Private or shared Room

Have More Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!