Costa Rican Acro Adventure with Tom & Ayla

Event Details

This December join Tom & Ayla at the Airborne Arts resort in Costa Rica for an acrobatic adventure!

$1,800 per person
* This includes lodging at Airborne Arts, 3 meals a day, Tom and Ayla’s fee and ground transportation to and from the resort

Standing h2h and f2h

Sunday 12/22 through and including Saturday 12/28
10am-12pm: Dynamic Skills
12-2pm: Lunch
2-4pm: Static Skills and Acro Choreography

Training Facilities:
Rolling mats like we have in NYC and lines will be provided. The resort also has a flying trapeze, tightwire, rigging points for a slackline, silks and Lyra. Additional lessons and sessions on any of the apparatus can be arranged for an extra TBD charge. Brian will check with the owners on any extra training requests ahead of time so costs are known

After training:
4pm-later People do as they please on our Costa Rican vacation in Domenical, which is in the province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica! Hang out at the pool, go on hikes, visit the village and relax. The resort is located in a rainforest by the beach and there are forest and water adventures bookable either through the resort or independently

Non-Refundable Deposit Schedule:
$900 due on November 1st
$900 due on December 1st

The owners of the resort have requested that if we’d like to show our acrobatic skills to the locals, they will organize a show for the village. The owners believe in being part of the local community ?

3 12 passenger vans are included in the week and these can be driven by guests who are on the rental policy

Friday December 20th in San Jose, CR. We will stay overnight in a palatial AirBnB. We drive to the resort on Saturday the 21st

Sunday December 29th we’ll return to San Jose International in the morning. The resort requests guests book 2pm or later flights to ensure we arrive in San Jose on time for our airplanes

1. To keep costs down we will set our own tables and do our own dishes at mealtimes
2. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s housing and privacy preferences
3. The resort has a maximum capacity of 20 people
4. Airfare from NYC averages ~$300 round trip