Czech Acro Convention 2020 in Prague

Event Details

INFO: The Czech Acro Convention is a community festival based on the idea of sharing skills, working together and having fun. The event is not suitable for absolute beginners.

PRICE: 3 500 Kč
Price includes workshops, space for free training in gymnastic hall with lunge (for advanced tricks), sleeping in gym in your sleeping bag,full vegetarian/vegan food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and whole day access to fruit) and evening programme.

There will be three simultaneous workshops (beginners, intermediate, advanced) in each time slot.
Quality is guaranteed by carefully selected teachers.

Who will be there:
– InTense Acrobatics (Jana & Lukáš)
– Punk Yoga (Peťa & Ondra)
– Acro Bunnies (Anežka & Justin)
– Acro(jams) Prague (Kristina & Petr)
– …