Dutch AcroYoga Festival Christmas 2020 In The Hage

Event Details

We’re super happy to announce a new edition of the Dutch AcroYoga Festival: Xmas 2020. The DAYF Xmas edition is a 6-day festival and will be held on Dec 19 – 24 at a beautiful location in The Hague.

Food is included and the festival will be held at a nice big venue, where we can also accommodate you for the night. There will be one gym available for jamming (free training) the whole night, away from the sleeping area. So either take your rest, or train into the early hours!
The venue in an easy-reachable and beautiful sportscentre in The Hague. There are 2 big separate area’s fully floored with tatami mats (256m² & 324m²). For pictures see:

Special guest teachers and local teachers will be announced soon. There will be multiple workshops every round, with a minimum of 3/4 workshops every round (beginner / intermediate / advanced). See schedule:

Note that this is also a beginners friendly festival since we have beginner workshops every round. Feel free and happy to join for a weekend of Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai massage.
You don’t need to bring a partner, you’ll meet loads of friends to play with you at the festival!

? There will be a photographer to capture your favorite moments ?

? Live music

All food included!

You can sleep in the gym. Spots are limited, so book your spot on time!

Lennert Stevens & Yvonne Gravemaker (NL)
more TBA soon

TBA soon

Start: Saturday December 19, 13:45
End: Thursday December 24, 16:45

1-day ticket, Super Early Bird* € 50,-
1-day ticket, Early Bird** € 60,-
1-day ticket, Normal € 65,-

2-day ticket, Super Early Bird* € 95,-
2-day ticket, Early Bird** € 110,-
2-day ticket, Normal € 125,-

3-day ticket, Super Early Bird* € 135,- (FREE T-SHIRT)
3-day ticket, Early Bird** € 160,- (FREE T-SHIRT)
3-day ticket, Normal € 180,- (FREE T-SHIRT)

4-day ticket, Super Early Bird* € 170,- (FREE T-SHIRT)
4-day ticket, Early Bird** € 200,- (FREE T-SHIRT)
4-day ticket, Normal € 230,- (FREE T-SHIRT)

5/6 day ticket, Super Early Bird* € 200,- (FREE T-SHIRT)
5/6 day ticket, Early Bird** € 240,- (FREE T-SHIRT)
5/6 (or 5) day ticket, Normal € 275,- (FREE T-SHIRT)

If you buy a 5-day ticket your will get a 6-day ticket 🙂
Everybody gets one task at the festival (it will take about 1h).

Do you want to earn even more Karma?
Karma yogi’s will get € 15,- discount each day.

* Super Early Bird, until: August 01 or the first 45 tickets
** Early Bird, until: October 15 or the first 90 tickets

There is an option to pay € 50,- by banktransfer and the rest cash at the registration at the festival.

If you unfortunately can’t attend the festival anymore, please contact us!
Tickets are refundable, but we ask administration costs.
Until October 01, we keep € 25,-
From November 01, until December 01, we keep € 50,-
From December 01, it’s non-refundable.
NOTE: Tickets are non-transferable.
Mild policy for COVID-19: https://dutchacroyogafestival.com/covid-19/

Fill in the form:

Bank account: NL40SNSB0925977055
Name: Turn and Twist
Description: ‘Your name’, DAYF Xmas 2020, ‘Date(s) joining’

For questions send an e-mail to: [email protected]

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Baambruggestraat 8A
2546 SK Den Haag
The Netherlands