Estonia Tantra Festival in Liipa Talu

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The Tantra Festival has been organized in Estonia for 8 years. We have a
strong and cohesive community and a good circle of teachers. It is an
international festival that connects people around the world. Also this
year, in August 2021, we will come together and celebrate in the midst
of nature in Estonia.

Tantrafestival is intended for everyone who wants to move forward on the
path of self-development. It aims to support a person’s spiritual
development, creativity and unlock the potential of yout journey.
Tantrafestival is first and foremost a quality time for you!

We have created a program for you where:

– you can listen to enlightening and inspiring lectures;

– get in touch with your body through body work, tantric practices, dance, sauna rituals and yoga;

– to calm one’s mind through dynamic as well as static meditations;

– reach your soul with wonderful music and float to heights with sound travels;

– watch exciting presentations and experience beautiful rituals

The festival is also a place for communication, celebration and meeting
new people. We bring you an engaging evening program every night, where
both your mind and spirit can be elevated and your body touched.

This and everything else is waiting for you on August 19 – 22, 2021.

At this alcohol- and substance-free festival, we learn to enjoy life
without stimulants, in our natural state of joy. The festival is camera
and media free to ensure a private and secure environment for all

We welcome you to the Festival! The ticket price includes access to a
full program, delicious vegan meals and accommodation of your choice + a
suprise! Early bird tickets are sold until July 7’th. Festival will
take place in Harjumaa, Estonia at Liipa Talu (

Come to the festival to experience the joy of living with like-minded
people in a loving community. Find out more about the tantra festival

With love!

Estonian Tantra Festival team