European AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training

Event Details

For the 1st time in Antwerp (BE) – AcroYoga Montreal Style Teacher Training 2020!

The power of teaching is the ability to share the inner & outer body experience with your students. During AcroYoga Montreal Teacher Training in Antwerp, we give you the pedagogical foundations needed to transmit your inner & outer knowledge soundly, safely, and compassionately; drawing from a combined of teaching experience in different movement modalities, such as: Dance, Martial Arts, Yoga, AcroYoga, Slackline, Hand Balance, and Functional Movement.

It is the sharing of self that touches the student’s heart and fosters understanding and a desire for growth within both student and teacher.

*** This is a 2 week long AcroYoga Teacher Training Intensive a la Montreal Style – 100hrs of physical reintegration, mental sharpening, emotional awakening and remembered wisdom – acrobatics with a yogic consciousness, moving well beyond the fundamentals. This training is meant for participants that have already experience in AcroYoga, so the teaching crew can focus on deepening the fundamentals and raising those to a higher level practice.

*** This AcroYoga Montreal Style Teacher Training intensive will give participants the tools to teach the fundamentals of static acrobatics, partner body balancing, introduction to seamless and dynamic AcroYoga transitions, and the creative process of AcroYoga Montreal.

*** AcroYoga is a fun filled yet serious practice with the potential to reconnect us to our inner child. The participatory, interactive and self-affirming energy of the AcroYoga practice unites likeminded people from different walks of life. It has many practical and therapeutic applications both in the AcroYoga community and the world at large. During the Teacher Training, the participants will have a chance to understand this participatory, interactive and self-affirming interaction in a theoretical and practicals ways.

*** AcroYoga’s potential for dealing and helping people to cope with trust issues is boundless since the root of the AcroYoga practice is trust and acceptance. During the Teacher Training there will be space and time to build up a deeper experience of understanding trust and acceptance between practitioners, which can be later implemented in their teaching methodologies. As AcroYoga teachers, we must be present, to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for our AcroYoga students.

*** The mastery of the technique in our own AcroYoga practice is the foundation we draw on for teaching AcroYoga. How to communicate verbally and physically to our students the inner & outer experience are the skills we will explore in this AcroYoga Teacher Training Intensive.

* Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku from AcroYoga Montreal
* Jill Campbell and Heidi Blais from Jill & Heidi
* Assisted by Ruslan North and Saar Wouters from AcroContactYoga

* Venue: Zaal Van Trier – Van Trierstraat 40, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
* When: April 21st – May 3rd, 2020
* Hours: from 7:00 till 17:00
* Arrival day: April 20th
* Day off: April 27th

*** This Acro Yoga teacher training intensive will give participants the tools to teach the fundamentals of static acrobatics, partner body balancing, intro to seamless and dynamic Acro Yoga transitions and the creative process of Acro Yoga Montreal. ***

*** Acro Yoga Montreal Teacher Training Level 1 Requirements ***
–> participants should feel comfortable upside down
–> hold a tripod headstand and handstand comfortably against the wall
–> hold plank pose and chaturanga dandasana with relative ease
–> participants should have an ongoing AcroYoga practice (300+hours)
–> be comfortable basing and flying basic AcroYoga balances
–> have a consistent yoga asana practice 2-3 x per week for a mininum of 2 years
–> be comfortable teaching an hour long yoga class; a teacher training certification is not necessary.
–> All applicants must submit a video of themselves teaching a 30 minutes yoga class to a minimum of 3 people
–> most important of all a good “sense of humor”!!

*** Required Videos from the Participants ***
1) Victoria Hall Flow, up to 1min 23sec
–> <-- 2) Hanumanasana Flow Part 1 ( all of it ) --> <-- 3) Teacher Training 2011 Requirements ( all of it ) --> <-- 4) Teaching a 30 Minute Yoga Class --> Submit a video of yourself teaching a 30 minute yoga class to a minimum of 3 people. <-- ~ FULL INFO & REGISTRATION ~ * Coming soon. ~ IMPORTANT NOTES ~ * Accommodation is not included in this Teacher Training, BUT we can help you out! From community aid to a cozy and very affordable dorm, which contains all the necessities. More info in the registration form soon. * The meals are not included in this Teacher Training, HOWEVER there are several very cozy and cheap places to eat, around the Teacher Training venue area. Antwerp is not expensive on food and has a good accessibility of places to eat at. Those of the participants, who de decide to stay at the dorm, there will be local bakeries and fruit markets around the dorm. ~ INFO & REGISTRATION ~ * More info and registration form will follow very soon. So save the dates and follow the event 😉