Handstand Retreat with Nicolas M. & Adrian M.

Event Details

Join us for a whole week of intense handstand and flexibility training at the idillic beaches of Tulum in Mexico, where you will immerse yourself in the world of balancing and physical alignment.

This retreat is open to all levels: from complete beginners to active professionals. Learning to handstand or improving your level becomes easy when using just the right approach and technique. * LIMITED TO 15 STUDENTS.

I invite you to come along and push your progress while enjoying this 6 day event with like-minded people.


6 Days in a secluded paradise tropical beach, (5 hours per day) of intensive handstand training that will include:

-Different handstand positions
-Technique correction and refinement
-Presses and mounts to handstand
-Advanced handstand physical preparation
-Strength, flexibility, endurance work
-Movement exploration and fluidity work
-Including strategies for balance
-Formation exercises for the shoulders and chest
-Programming for adjusting posture and increasing resistance and strength
-Introduction to a core strength program
-Various spotting techniques for partner training to achieve faster technical results
-Preparation and programming for one arm handstand training –Plus introduction to New one arm sequences
(For more advanced students).