Handstand TT With Mark Das in Gianyar

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Are you ready for the next step in your teaching career?�

This Yoga Alliance certified training is for yoga teachers who are passionate about arm balances and handstands.�

Your practice serves as a fertile feeding ground. It’s your primary source of inspiration. Pushing the frontiers of your knowledge and skills allows you to grow as a teacher and attract a community of loyal students.�

Come and discover the methodology that lies at the heart of successfully teaching arm balances and handstands. It’s not just about theory. You’ll directly apply your new skills to gain valuable experience that you can take straight into the classroom.�

In this immersive training, you’ll learn how to:
– Take your self-practice to the next level
– Develop a unique and effective teaching style
– Build an active community of dedicated students
– Design engaging classes and workshops


You can only teach what you embody. Each day starts with a 3-hour workshop focused on advancing your self-practice. You’ll take a closer look at practice methodology and how to apply it. In these workshops, you’ll also receive personalized feedback on your practice.

You’ll learn how to:
– Set realistic goals and design your practice accordingly
– Apply the correct anatomy and biomechanics of hand-balancing
– Implement progressions and regressions for each asana
– Measure your progress to ensure consistent growth�


By advancing your knowledge of complex asanas, you’ll be able to guide your students confidently. When you know your ‘why’ and transmit accurate information, your students will trust you and progress quickly.

In this training, you’ll dive deep into the science of teaching methodology to ensure your teaching is on point. You’ll also explore your unique voice, and the things that set you apart from other teachers.

Your authenticity allows you to attract loyal students who stay engaged and keep coming back for more. When you combine knowledge with authenticity, you’ll be unstoppable!


2020 | September 28 – October 3 | 08:30 – 17:30 daily
Contact Hours: 42 Hours
Non-contact hours: 8 Hours


08:30 – 11:30 — Arm balance and handstand workshop
11:30 – 13:00 — Lunch break and study time
13:00 – 15:00 — Practice and teaching methodology
15:00 – 15:30 — Coconut and toilet break
15:30 – 17:30 — Class, workshop, and community architecture

This immersive training includes a teacher training manual and workbook.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

You have:
– Completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training
– A deep passion for arm balances and handstands
– The desire to take the next step in your teaching career�

You’re able to:
– Kick up into a handstand (with or without the wall)
– Hold your handstand with the wall for one minute
– Confidently hold crow pose for 30 seconds
– Do a minimum of five clean push-ups in a row�


Upon completing this training, yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance receive a certificate for 50 hours of continuing education.

Educational categories
– Techniques, training, and practice (TTP): 20 hours
– Teaching methodology (TM): 15 hours
– Anatomy and physiology (AP): 10 hours
– Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics (YPLE): 5 hours

About Mark Das

My handstand journey began in 2011 when I lived as a monk at a Shaolin Kung Fu monastery in China. I immediately fell in love and embarked on a long journey in the art of hand balancing.

Having studied with world-renowned yogis and circus performers, I’ve distilled the fundamental methodology for handstands and arm balances. I now share my unique approach with practitioners from around the world.

As a teacher, I encourage my students to stay curious, think critically, and fully commit to their practice so they can reap the rewards.

$ 950USD | 13.000.000 IDR

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