Icarian Games & Standing Acro Weekend Workshop with Hobs

Event Details

Hobs is coming to Nola for a weekend of popping, lifting, flying, and catching!

Early Bird, first 10 Full weekend tickets: $160
Next Bird, next 10 Full weekend tickets: $180
Late Bird Prices: $200 for the weekend OR $50 per session

To reserve your spot:
PayPal to [email protected]
**Please use pay to friends and family option so I don’t get charged a fee 🙂
Venmo: @Hobs-Hobotus
Feel free to message me to request payment confirmation or with any questions.

Weekend of Fun:
**Acro content is aimed at experienced AcroYogis and Acrobats, if unsure about your level of skill/experience/fitness contact Hobs personally. Six months of experience or very strong athletic background is encouraged.

Weekend Pre-Requisites: Strong muscles, healthy joints, willing to spot, work as a team and communicate kindly 🙂
*If you are unsure about doing the whole weekend, come to Friday, as that will be very accessible material and we can decide from there…
Standing: Bird, Camel, Two High…10+ seconds each
L-base: Reverse Star, Foot to Hand, Tuck Sit…20+ seconds each
BONUS Pre-Reqs: to get more out of the weekend
Standing: 10 sec hand to hand, rev h2h, 20 sec ft2h and rev ft2h
L-Base: Consistent pops to extended ft2h, 10 sec h2h, comfortable with fancy footwork

6-9pm People Tossing Fundamentals
We will set the technical foundations for both Icarian Games and Standing lifts by reviewing good form and technique before we get into all the crazy tricks that the weekend has to offer!

10-1 pm Icarian Games part 1
4-7 pm Standing Acro part 1

Sunday (times TBA)
10-1pm Icarian Games part 2
4-7pm Standing Acro part 2

Hobs is one of the most playful and friendly Acro monkeys you will ever meet! His love for all things Acro is delightfully infectious and irresistible. He is a charismatic and compassionate Acro teacher with a clear voice, and a giving and caring approach to students. His commitment and dedication to the practice is obvious in his excellent technical skills, intelligent progressions and clear demonstrations.