Mexico Tantra Festival 2023 in Tulum

Event Details

“Sensual Awakening”
Tulum, Quintana Roo – Nov 24th – 28th

We all carry so much shame baggage when it comes to our bodies, and expressing our sensuality feels like a struggle for too many of us. Our human bodies are designed to be vessels of sensuality, love and pleasure, yet for centuries, we’ve been taught to suppress this part of ourselves and hide the source of our deepest power.

In fact, modern life already gives us a constant stream of stressors to manage! Disassociation, leaving your body, numbing out, putting up emotional walls so you do not feel or respond, ceasing to listen to others, and not feeling empathy for others are very common ways people respond to stressors of all kinds. Some of us recognize this, and some of us don’t realize just how disconnected we have become from our bodies.

Reclaiming our feminine essence “Shakti” (which is in every human regardless of gender), gives us access to the abundant resources, vitality and sensuality within. Being Sensual is about becoming attuned to your senses. More than that, it’s about being aware of what you are experiencing and delighting in that awareness.

To be turned on to life, yourself, or another, you must FEEL and Feeling IS your birthright!

Tantra Festival Mexico is a transformational festival with a focus on sexuality as a tool for human development, spiritual evolution and healing. It is a self-discovery journey, where you will learn to Awaken to the power of your innate sensual energy & tap into your limitless capacity, to experience pleasure & Love.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a rich selection of life-changing workshops, meditations, ceremonies and rituals that will allow you to awaken your sensual power and learn how to align and focus your energy, to attract and manifest what your soul is longing for.

Our morning sessions can include yoga, meditation, breathing, or movement. There will be different sessions happening simultaneously for you to choose what you need. In the evening, you can enjoy the costume party, love temple, and our signature Cacao Sensorial during the full moon. As well as concerts with amazing musicians.

A dedicated team of experienced facilitators in the field, professional healers and emotional support will guide and support you throughout the Festival. Our container also contemplates free time for integration and emotional support when needed.

Our wonderful beachfront venue will provide a sensual setting to explore what it feels like to express your sensuality & erotic essence to deepen your self-love in a safe space.

If that wasn’t enough we will have Pre- workshops and retreats to prepare for TFM as well as Post- activities for deepening your experience while having fun and celebrating.

If you feel the call, if you feel like something is missing in your life, if you’ve been craving to connect with likeminded people, if you’ve been curious about tantra, or just feeling there’s more about sexuality, If you truly desire to open yourself up to deeper levels of CONNECTION, INTIMACY and CONSCIOUSNESS, and ready to enjoy every moment of life…

Come and join us! We are waiting for you!

More info soon!