New Year’s Retreat in Pihali with Somananda Dharmananda & Liisa

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Throughout each year there are special privileged moments in which the planetary energy is heightened and the collective consciousness is synced. Utilizing such a powerful energetic opportunity for reaching spiritual goals and high states of consciousness is what our New Year’s Retreat is about.

*Withdraw from New Year’s Eve social hoopla
*Immerse yourself in a 6-day marathon of spiritual awakening with a group of spiritual people and advanced yogis
*Emerge into the New Year with the grace of Shiva upon you
*Craft your destiny for 2021 with your own innate force
*Burn negative karma with authentic tantric practices
*Cleanse and purify your mind, body and spirit

-Daily Tantra Yoga practice for galvanizing your innate energies
-Daily meditations from Kashmiri Shaivism and Raja Yoga
-Special discussion on the concept of “hiatus” and its connection to the change of the year
-12-hour New Year’s tantric meditation marathon with energizing herbs commencing 4PM on 31 December
-Yang spiral meditation for summoning the Shiva consciousness
-A special group celebration for ringing in the New Year inclusive of fireworks
-New Year’s blessing from Somananda at the conclusion of the final meditation

The New Year’s Retreat is led by our senior teachers Somananda, Dharmananda and Liisa Maimon and supported by other team members. The retreat language is English.

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