PreFestival Workshop with Ladybase & April Snow in Enghien

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    June 19 - 20, 2019

We are looking forward to celebrate the 3rd edition of the AcroYoga Summer Festival in Belgium.

This year we organize a pre-festival workshop with MELANIE LADYBASE & APRIL SNOW, just before the Festival starts.

Channel your inner ninja and grace in this dynamic workshop of Acro that requires fancy footwork, smooth buttery connection, and precise balance and movement from both base and flyer.
We will focus on hands-free transitions, creative Ladybase Washing Machines, and the art of butt balancing.
In addition, some time will be allotted for Whips and how to move safely in them. We will take you upside down with some flippy dismounts, as well as progressions into H2H, with techniques for precision and longevity.
Don’t miss this workshop!

Practice with hands free Star
Proficient at Ninja Star \ Four Step \ Cartwheel
20 second Shoulder Stand
30 second Handstand against the wall

As a child growing up in a small town, Melanie had always craved for dance and circus arts. With a constant desire to move her body, she used dance and play to express herself throughout the years. She later moved to Vancouver where she fell in love with Yoga, leading her to her true love, Acro. While practicing Acro she experienced the power it can have; how it can break down walls, foster expression and create communities. Guided by good friends and inspired by great teachers, Melanie would later become a moving force in the Acro world. Eventually, her passion turned into a profession as she traveled internationally. Learning, practicing and teaching Acroyoga became her essence of living. Ladybase believes Acro discovered the talent in her. Melanie is renowned for her engaging and creative training techniques. Her knowledge and appreciation of Biomechanics, and background in Transpersonal Counselling-Psych adds to her teaching ability. Her communication skills, gentle nature and charisma make her teaching very special.

Ever since April can remember she was involved in human movement. She began gymnastics at the age of 5 and continued training, competing, and coaching for 13 years. She has done everything from pole-vaulting in University, to Capoeira and Ultimate Frisbee. She completed a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan BSC in Sports and Exercise and did personal training for 4 years. April began to find her passion in the spirituality of yoga and completed her yoga teacher training in Mysore Style Ashtanga, as well as the AcroYoga Montreal teacher training. Feeling the need to fill the void that gymnastics left behind she found Acro, her new passion. She loves the how it brings the community together and loves to assist people on their Acrobatic journey, passing along the techniques she has acquired along the way.

DATE: 19-20 of June

SCHEDULE: 2 days – 6 hours per day = 12 hours
10.00-13.00 & 14.30-17.30

Only intermediate/advanced

Same as the festival – Parc d’Enghien, Avenue Elisabeth, 7850 Enghien.

SPOTS: limited to 50 persons.

will open in january at the same time as the festival tickets…

Read more about the festival here: