SAAcro 2019 Seasonals in San Antonio

Event Details

Ready for an unforgettable and unique weekend filled with fun activities for all levels of acro yogis in a supportive and accepting community? If so, grab your cowboy hat and mosey on down to 🌠 San Antonio for #SAAcro’s 2019 Seasonals! It’s the Alamo City’s turn to host this state wide gathering of acroyogis. Hold on to your belt buckle, because we have a weekend of Texas sized fun planned for you!🎇



6pm-? Jam and Picnic 💫- join whenever you get in town as we jam at the amazing venue of the Pearl where there is water features, beautiful architecture, a food hall and turf. Bring finger foods and drinks to share as we play games, jam and get to know everyone. How late will it go? Until the last flyer says “down!”. Location: the Pearl


8:30am-11am: Photo Tour📸- breathtaking architecture, giant sculptures you can climb on, and bright murals. This photo tour showcases all new sights not just take pictures in front of, but also take pictures on, around, and inside of!

12-2pm 🎶“R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find boundaries for you and me!” Consent and being an active aly in the Acro community: a group talk 🗣and lunch 🍽. Come actively engage in thought provoking instruction as we look to our community members and ourselves as we reflect and discuss ways that we can ensure all members of the acroyoga community feel respected and safe. We will be eat as we talk at the locally sourced, 5 Points Local café.

3-6pm Goat Acro Yoga- come 🐐 kid around as we have a acro only session with playful four hoofed friends who love to climb on us as we climb on each other! Cost $10/person.

7pm-? Evening Jam and Acro 🏆 Olympics- Time to play, learn from your peers and enjoy the company of acro yogis from across the state. The Acro Olympics🏅 has been curated to include events that play to all skill levels ranging from brand new to advanced. There is fun for everyone at this fun, friendly and festive jam.


10-12pm Brunch🥓- We love acro a 🥞waffle lot. Bring a breakfast food to share and hang our as we fuel up before the wettest and bestest summer time acrotunity (get it? Acro + opportunity = acrotunity!). Location is Leilani and Ben’s house: 16255 Rocky Crk, 78247

1-5pm Stand Up 🏄🏽‍♀️ Paddle Board Acro 💦 and River Jam- get wet, get adventurous and get ready to have a blast. Try fun acro moves on a SUP and know that the worst that will happen is a big splash and a big laugh. This is a fun and challenging adventure for all skill levels. We will jam on the river side too. Please offer a $10 per person or $20 per 2 person board. Riverside jam is free! Location: Max Starke Park, Seguin.

🏠Housing🏢: please feel out the housing form if you are looking to find a place to crash at a fellow acroyogi’s pad.

👚T-shirts are available! More info soon! 👕

❓Questions? 💬 Comments: please reach out to the #SAAcro Seasonals contact Ben Brandvig